Third Professional MBBS Pharmacology Question (may) 2020 – Rajshahi University(RU)

Third Professional MBBS examination (may) 2020 Rajshahi University (RU):Pharmacology 

Subject : Pharmacology


1. Define plasma hal life of a drug with its clinical significance. Explain how urinary pit influences urug excretion?
2. Enlist clinically used prostaglandin (PG) analoghes with their indications.What are the drugs that inhibit?
3. Explain the antipyretic mechanism of paracetamol. Write down the limitations of using aspirin.

4. Define second messenger Illustrate the role of G-protein on second messenger system.

5. Briefly discuss the beneficial effects of glucocorticoids in bronchial asthma. Mention the risk of inhaled steroids and how do you avoid these risks?

6. Write short notes on
(i) Tolerance & tachyphylaxis
(ii) Physiological & Pharmacological antagonism


1. Name five atypical antipsychotic drugs. Mention the advantages of these drugs over typical ones.

2. Name the bolus and basal insulin. How does insulin lower blood glucose level?
3. Enlist the opioids with antitussive and antidiarrhocal action. Compare and contrast morphine with meperidine.

4. Mention the pharmacological effects of diazepan. What are its adverse effects?
5. Name some surgical operations which can be done by using local anesthetics. 5. Explain the mechanism of action of lidocaine.
6. Write short notes on:
(i)Balanced anesthesia
(ii)DPP-4 inhibitors


1. Outline the steps of biosynthesis of catecholamine. Explain the role of adrenaline in anaphylactic shock.
2. Enlist the antihypertensive drugs that inhibit renin angiotensin aldosterone system. Justify the use of losartan and thiazide combination in hypertension.

3. Categories antianginal drugs. Explain how do nitrates relief anginal pain.

4. Name the drugs used in glucoma. Compare and contrast the role of timolol and pilocarpine in such case.
5. Enlist the anticholinesterase drugs. Mention the pharmacological approach to manage OPC poisoning with the specific role of these drugs.

6. Write short notes on:
(i) Pancuronium (ii) Statin


1. Enumerate five bactericidal antibiotics from different group. Mention the indications and adverse effects of ciprofloxacin
2. Name the haematinics. What are the indications for administration of a parenteral iron preparations? Give their adverse effects

3. Enlist the systemic antifungal drugs. Mention the advantages of fluconazole over ketoconazole.

4. Define Rational use of drugs. What are the hazards of irrational prescribing?
5. Justify the combinations:
(i) Imipenem and cilastatin
(ii) Sulfadoxin and pyrimethamine

6. Write short notes on:
(i) Superinfection (ii) P. drug

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