Third Professional MBBS Pathology Question (may) 2020 – Rajshahi University(RU)

Third Professional MBBS examination (may) 2020 Rajshahi University (RU):Pathology 

Subject : Pathology


1. Define and classify hyperplasia Write down the difference between hyperplasia and neoplasia.
2. What is apoptosis Write down the difference between apoptosis an necosis

3. What is granuloma? How immune granuloma is formed?

4. What is thrombus? Mention the fate of thrombus.What is shock?

5. What is metastasis? Mention the route of metastasis with example. What is skip metastasis?

6. Write short notes on: 

(a) Atrophy (b) Chemotaxis (c) Granulation tissue


1. Define and classify ischemic heart diseases. Describe the etiopathogenesis  of rheumatic heart diseases.
2. Classify macrocytic anemia.Write down the morphology of a megaloblast. What are the blood picture and bone marrow findings of megaloblastic anaemia?
3. What are the causes of eosinophilia?Write down the differences between leukaemoid recation and chronic myeloid leukaemia.
4. What are the indications of bone marrow examination? Write down the laboratory diagnosis of B-Thalassemia major.

5. Classify lymphoma Write down the morphology of R-S cell. What are sites of bone marrow aspiration according to age?
6. Write short notes on- 

(a) Hemophilia (b) Hemoglobinopathies.


1. Name the inflammatory bowel disease. Enumerate the malignant neoplasm of salivary gland. What are the polyps of small intestine?
2. Define and classify pneumonia. Write down the morphology stages and complication of labor
3.Enumerate the tumours of testis. Write in brief about seminoma. What is cryptochidism?
4. Mention the causes of glycosuria. Write down the indications of semen analysis.Mention the CSF
findings in pyogenic meningitis.
5. Classify thyroid tumours. Name the complications of diabetis mellitus. What are the malignant tumours of skin?
6. Write short notes on: 

  • (a) FNAC 
  • (b) Gynaecomastia
  • (c) Pleomorphic adenoma.


1. Define and classify cirrhosis of liver. Mention the complications of cirrhosis of liver.
2. Define nephrotic and nephritic syndrome.Mention the causes of nephrotic syndrome.
3. Classify surface epithelial tumours of ovary, Write down the microscopic features of dermoid cyst of
4. What do you mean by adenomyosis and endometriosis? Enumerate the causes of anovulatory cycle.
5. Classify careinoma breast. How you will investigate the patient with a breast lump.

do you mean by adenomyosis and endometriosis? 
6. Write short notes on:
  • (a) Casts in urine 
  • (b) Morphology of osteosarcoma 
  • (c) CIN

Md Noman Islam Nirob 

46th MBBS,Rangpur Medical College. 

Doctors Gang
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