Third Professional MBBS Microbiology Question (may) 2020 – Rajshahi University(RU)

Third Professional MBBS examination (may) 2020 Rajshahi University (RU): Microbiology 

Subject : Microbiology


1. Enumerate the bacerial essential structures. Mention the composition and function of cytoplasmic membrane of bacteria. Why bacterial spores are resistant to heat or chemical?
2. Define bacterial growth and multiplication Mention the environmental requirements for growth of bacteria. Why anaerobic bacteria cannot grow in presence of oxygen?

3. Name the viruses transmitted through oral route? Write down the pathogenesis and prevention of Polio virus infection

4. Nume four important envelope viruses. Mentien the post exposure prophylaxis of Rabies virus infection.

5. A boy of 7 years old presented with pain in the mandibular region and noticed swelling with fever.What will be the probable diagnosis and what may be the complications may occurs of the boy later on?


1. Define parasite. Classify protozoa according to organ of locomotion. Give the laboratory diagnosis of Kala-azar.

2. What do you mean by premunition?Explain the mechanism of development of anaemia by Plasmodium
falciparum. How will you diagnose a case of Trichomoniasis?

3. List the medically important cestodes with their mode of transmission, definitive & intermediate host.Write down the differences between occult and classical filariasis.

4. Give the morphological classification of fungus with examples. Write down the laboratory diagnosis of ring worm infection.
5. A 45 years old diabeties lady had history of prolonged use of antibiotics then she develops easily removable non bleed white patches in the throat. What is your provisional diagnosis and mention two laboratory tests for dingnosis of this disease.


1. Name the bacteria causing wound infection. How will you differentiate the different species of staphylococcus? Give the interpretation of ASO titer.
2. Mention sexually transmitted diseases with causative bacterial agents. Write down the laboratory diagnosis of acute gonorrhoea.
3. Name the member of enterobactericae that causing disease outside GI tract. Narrate the steps for the dingnosis of enteric fever. What are the indications of blood culture?
4.Enumerate the bacterial disease that can be prevented by vaccination. Write down the mechanism of botulism. What is malignant pustule?
5. Bacterial culture of a urine specimen shows pale color colony on Mac Conkey’s agar. What will be the possible bacteria? Name others tests for the identification of bacteria.


1. Mention three differentiating point of active and passive immunity in tabulated form. Name the cells of the acquired immunity.
2. Define antigen, immungen and super antigen with examples. Write down major three functions of T and B cells.
3. Define hypersensitivity. Describe mechanism of Type I hypersensitivity with examples.
4. Define autoimmunity. Describe the five mechanisms of autoimmunity diseases.
5. A girl of fourteen years came with hematuria, oliguria, facial edema and hypertension with a history of skin infection about two weeks back. What is your provisional diagnosis? What laboratory tests you will suggest to do?

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