Third Prof Pathology Question November 2020 under Rajshahi University 

Subject : Pathology (November 2020)


1)Deline and classify cell injury. Write down the causes of cell injury.
2)What is necrosis? Classify necrosis. Define free radical.
3)What is oedema. Mention the pathophysiological causes of oedea with example.
4)Define neoplasia. Write down the difference between benign and malignant tumor
5)Name the factors responsible for wound healing. Enumerate the complication of wound healing.
6)Write short notes on: (a) Hyperplasia (b) Embolus (c) Tumor marker.


1)Define anaemia. Write down the cause of microcytic hypochromic anemia. What is red cell indices?
2) Define aplastic anaemia. What are the blood picture and bone marrow findings of aplastic anaemia,
3) Define and classify leukemia. Write down the characteristics of myeloblast.
4)What is atherosclerosis? Enumerate the risk factors of atherosclerosis.
5)Write down the causes of generalized lymphadenopathy. Mention the difference between the Hodgkin and Non Hodgkin lymphoma.
6) Write short notes on: (a) Target cells (b) ESR.


1) Define peptic ulcer. Write down it’s complications. What are the difference between benign and malignant ulcer
2) Classify bronchogenic carcinoma. How cigarette smoking causes lung cancer?
3) What do you mean by CIN? Mention it’s type. What are the common sites of endometriosis?
4)Define diabetes mellitus. Write down the causes of hyperglycemia. What is gestational diabetes mellitus?
5) Write down the causes of breast lump.Classify thyroid tumor.
6.Write short notes on: (a) Nodular hyperplasia of prostate (b) Biopsy (c) Teratoma.


1) What are the causes of cirrhosis of liver? Write down the type and complications of gall stone. .
2)What is nephrotic syndrome? Write down the difference between the nephrotic and nephritic syndrome
3) Classify germ cell tumor of the ovary, Write down the complication of leiomyoma.
4) Define osteomyelitis. What are the complication of osteomyelitis? Enumerate osteogenic bone tumour
5) Define haematuria. Mention it’s cause. Enumerate the causes of obstructive jaundice.
6)Write short notes on: (a) Squamous cell carcinoma (b) Viral meningitis (c) Pyuria

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