Multiple choice question of Hepatobiliary System by Fariha Mahzabin Zahin

Multiple Choice Question of Hepatobiliary System 

Author : 
Fariha Mahzabin Zahin 
MBBS,46th Batch,
Rangpur Medical College. 
1. A 77-year-old woman presents with abdominal pain and jaundice. She has history of occasional colicky pain in right upper abdomen. Ultrasound reveals stones in the common bile duct. What is the next plan of management?
C. Elective cholecystectomy
D. Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC)
E. lithotripsy
2. A 68-year-old man is seen in The Emergency Department with a 4-week history of progressive jaundice and pruritis. On questioning, he has a 3-month history of anorexia and weight loss. On examination, he is cachectic, deeply icteric with evidence of weight loss. The gallbladder is palpable & cystic in consistency with no obvious hepatomegaly. what is your most probable diagnosis?
 A.Carcinoma of the gallbladder
B. Cholangiocarcinoma
C. Carcinoma of head of pancreas
D. Hepatocellular carcinoma
E. Multiple hepatic metastases
3. Regarding Liver Anatomy which one is false?
A. 2 anatomical lobe
B. 2 surgical lobes
C. 80% blood supply by Portal vein
D.Liver regenerates fully after partial resection.
 E.Survival is possible without liver
4. Which is not true for preparation for cholecystectomy?
B.Verbal consent of patient 
5. While performing laparoscopic chokcystectomy, the surgeon states that next he is going to expose the cystic artery in the triangle of calot to staple across it. What structures form this triangle?
A. Common hepatic duct, cystic artery and cysticduct.
B. Cystic duct, right hepatic artery and right hepatic duct
 C.Gall bladder, liver and common bile duct
 D Left hepatic duct, liver and cystic duct
E. Portal vein, liver and common hepatic duct
6. A patient complaints of dull discomfort in her abdomen that is accompanied by pain over her right shoulder and right scapula. Which of the following organs is most likely to be the source of her complaints?
A. Stomach
B. Pancreas
C. Gall bladder
D. Spleen
E Appendix
7. Which one of the following is the first line investigation for liver Pathologies.
A. X-ray
D. CT scan
8.Which is not an indication for choledochotomy?
A.Palpable duct Stone 
B.Mucocele of gall bladder 
C.increased ALP
D.dialated CBD
9.Which is not a type of gall stone?
D.Salted Stone 
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10. Most preferable specific management for chronic cholecystitis
A. Concereative
 C.Laparoscopic cholecystectory
D. Open clulecystectomy
11. Causes of palpable gall bladder 
D.carcinoma of gall bladder 
E.Carcinoma of head of pancreas 
12. Features of ‘’charcot’s triad “
(A) Pain
(B) Rigor
(C) Hypotension 
(D) Altered Mental status
(E) Jaundice.. 
13. Amoebic liver abscess 
A.common in left lobe
B.Rx is metronidazole
C.can rupture in pleural cavity
D.can rupture in pericardial cavity
E.Dysentery occurs
14. Boundaries of ‘’Hepatobiliary triangle’’ involve-
 (B) Cystic duct
 (C) Common Hepatic duct
 (D) Inferior border of liver
 (E) Superior border of liver
15. Gall stones are associated with:
(A) Viral Hepatitis
(B) Liver cirrhosis
(C) Hereditary spherocytosis
(D) Obesity
(E) Raised serum thyrogtlobulin
16. In dydatid disease:
(A) The causative organismis E. granulosus
(B) Humans are accidental intermediate host
(C) Normal intermediate host is dog
 (D) Hepatic lesions are often asymptomatic
 (E) Diagnosis is made by needle aspiration of suspected lesion
17. ALP is markedly elevated in :
(A) Hepatocellular Jaundice
(B) Cholestatic jaundice
(C) Choledocholithiasis
(D) Alcoholism
(E) Musculoskeletal tumor
18. Features associated with LFT
19. Following diseases can mimic presentation of acute choleaystitis
(A) Perforecfed peptic ulcer 
(B) Acute appenditis
 (D) Acute pancreatitis 
(E) Intestinal obstruction
20. Complications of cholecystectomy
(A) Fever 
(B) Acute parcreatitis 
(C) Wound infection
(D) Abdominal pain
(E) Vericeal bleeding
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