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Medicine Part : 1-Cardiology Box for Postgraduation Exam

Medicine Part 1-Cardiology Important Topics for Postgraduation and Residency

Cardiology Important topics for FCPS/ MRCP/ Residency and other PG

1. Hemodynamic effect of Respiration on CVS

Hemodynamic effects of Respiration
JVP LowerHigher
BPLower (upto 10 mmHg)Higher
Heart Rate AcceleratesSlows
Second Heart sound SplitsFuses

2. New york heart Association Functional classification of chest Pain

NYHA Functional Classification of Chest pain
1Class INo limitation During ordinary activity
2Class IISlight Limitations During activity
Class IIISignificant limitation of activities without symptoms at rest
4Class IVUnable to work or activity without any symptoms, symptoms may be present During rest

3. Identify ischemi cardiac pain and Non cardiac chest pain with deference 

Ischaemic cardiac chest pain vs Non Cardiac chest pain
Ischaemic Haert DiseaseNon Cardiac chest pain
Location Centra & diffusePeripheral & Localized
RadiationJaw/ Neck/ arm/ shoulder / sometime backNo radiation or other radiation
Character Tight, Squeezing, & Choking in characterStabbing, Sharp,and Catching in character
 Precipi-tation Exertion or emotionNo extortion or spontaneous 
Rest lnot rest
No Response
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