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International MBBS Book List for the Medical Students 

Table of content 
MBBS curriculum have major 11 subject 
  1. Anatomy 
  2. Physiology 
  3. Biochemistry 
  4. Forensic Medicine 
  5. Community Medicine 
  6. Microbiology
  7. Pathology 
  8. Pharmacology 
  9. Medicine 
  10. Surgery 
  11. Gynecology and Obstetrics 

First year/First Professional MBBS Book list

Anatomy book list

  • Gray’s Anatomy for the student.
  • BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy volumes.
  • Cunningham’s manual of Practical Anatomy.
  • Regional Anatomy – R. J. Last.
  • Human Histology – Inderbir Singh.
  • Atlas of Human Histology by DIFORE.
  • Human Embryology – inderber Singh
  • Surface Anatomy and Radiology by Halim Das.
  • General Anatomy by BD Chaurasia.
  • Text book of Neuroanatomy by Inderbir Singh.
  • Central Nervous System by Podar Bhagat.
  • Clinical anatomy for medical students by Richard Snell.
  • Essentials of human genetics – bhatnagar.
  • Text Book of Osteology by Poddarm

Physiology books

  • Textbooks of Physiology
  • Textbook of Physiology by A.K. Jain.
  • Guyton : Textbook of Physiology
  • Ganong : Review of Medical Physiology
  • Applied Physiology by S. Wright.

Biochemistry book list 

  • Medical Biochemistry by U.Satyanarayan.
  • Biochemistry for Medical students by D.M.Vasudevan and Shree Kumari.
  • Medical Biochemistry by M.N. Chatterjea & Rana Shinde.
  • Text Book of Medical Biochemistry by Ramakrishnan, Prasannan & Rajan.
  • Medical Biochemistry by Debajyoti Das.
  • Biochemistry by A.C.Deb.
  • Harper’s Biochemistry.
  • Medical Biochemistry by N.V.Bhagwan.
  • Biochemistry by L.Stryer.
  • Biochemistry by Orten & Neuhans.

Third year/Second Professional/3rd year MBBS Book list 

Community Medicine book list

  • Text book of Community Medicine by Kulkarni AP and Baride JP.
  • Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine by Park.
  • Principles of Preventive and Social Medicine by K. Mahajan.
  • Textbook of Community Medicine by B. Shridhar Rao.
  • Essentials of Community Medicine by Suresh Chandra.
  • Textbook of Biostatistics by B. K. Mahajan.
  • Review in Community Medicine by V.R. Sheshu Babu.
  • Sociology and Health by Niraj Pandit.
  • National Health Programme by J Kishor.
  • Epidemiology and Management for health care for all by P.V. Sathe and A.P. Sathe.
  • Essentials of Preventive Medicine by O.P. Ghai and Piyush Gupta.

Forensic Medicine book list

  • Modi’s Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence & Toxicology.
  • The Essentials of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology – K.S. Narayan Reddy.
  • Parikh’s Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology.
  • Text Book of Forensic Medicine by J.B. Mukherjii volume 1 & 2.
  • Principles of Forensic Medicine by A. Nandy.
  • Toxicology at a Glance – Dr S.K. Singhal.
  • Bernard Knight et. All: Cox’s Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology.
  • Russell S. Fisher and Charles Forensic Pathology by s putti
  • Forensic Medicine by Keith Simpson.
  • Current Methods of autopsy practice by Jurgen Ludwig.
  • Gradwohl : Legal Medicine
  • A Doctors Guide to Court by Simpson
  • The essentials of Forensic Medicine by Polson C.J.
  • The Pathology of Homicide by Adelson, L.
  • Atlas of Legal Medicine by Tomro Watonbe.
  • Sptiz, W.U. & Fisher, R.S.: Medico-legal Investigation of Death.
  • A Hand Book of Legal Pathology (Director of Publicity)
  • Taylor’s Principles and Practice of Medical Jurisprudence.
  • Ratanlal and Dhirajlal, The Indian Penal Code,Justice Hidayatullah and V R Manohar
  • Ratanlal and Dhirajlal, The Code of Criminal procedure; Justice Hidayatullah and S P Sathe.
  • Ratanlal and Dhirajlal,The Law of Evidence; Justice Hidayatullah and V R Manohar.
  • Medical Law and Ethic in India by H.S. Mehta.
  • Forensic Pathology by Bernard Knight.
  • Code of medical ethics : Medical Council of India(MCI), approved by Central Govt, U/S 33 (m) of IMC Act, 1956 (Oct 1970).
  • Krogman, W M :The human skeleton in legal medicine.
  • Practical Forensic Medicine by FE Camps, JM Cameren, David Lanham.
  • Modern Medical Toxicology by V.V Pillay

Fourth year/Third Professional MBBS Book List

Microbiology and immunology

  • Lang review of medical microbiology and immunology : a guide to infectious disease
  • Textbook of Microbiology by R. Ananthanarayan and C. K. Jayaram Panikar.
  • A Textbook of Microbiology by P. Chakraborty.
  • Textbook of Medical Microbiology by Rajesh Bhatia & Itchpujani.
  • Textbook of Medical Microbiology by Arora and Arora.
  • Textbook of Medical Parasitology by C. K. Jayaram Panikar.
  • Textbook of Medical Parasitology –by Arora and Arora.
  • Textbook of Medical Parasitology by S.C.Parija.
  • Microbiology in clinical practice by D. C. Shanson.
  • Reference books of Microbiology
  • Mackie McCartney practical Medical Microbiology- Colle JG , Fraser AG
  • Principles of Bacteriology, Virology & Immunology volume 1,2,3,4,5- Topley Wilsons.
  • Medical Mycology (Emmons)- Kwon by Chung.
  • Review of Medical Microbiology (Lange) by Jawetz
  • Immunology by Weir DM
  • Medical Microbiology by David Greenwood, Richard Stack, John Pentherer.
  • Parasitology by KD Chatterjee.
  • Medical virology byTimbury MC.
  • Mackie McCartney Medical, Microbiology volume 1 by Duguid JP.
  • Microbial infections by Marmion BP, Swain RHA

Pharmacology book list for MBBS students

  • Basic and clinical Pharmacology by Katzung
  • Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics by Satoskar RS, Bhandarkar SD (Ed).
  • Essentials of Medical Pharmacology by Tripathi KD (Ed),
  • Clinical Pharmacology by Laurence DR, Bennet PN, Brown MJ
  • Goodman and Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics by Hardman JG & Limbird LE (Ed).
  • A Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology by Roger HJ, Spector RG, Trounce JR (Ed).

Pathology book list for MBBS students

Fifth year/ Final year /Fourth Professional MBBS Book list 

Medicine book list for MBBS students

  • Manual of Practical Medicine by Alagappan.
  • Textbook of Medicine by API.
  • Symptoms and Sign in Clinical medicine by Chambarlain’s.
  • Practical Intensive Care Medicine -problem solving in the ICU by Corke.
  • Davidson’s principles and Practice of Medicine 
  • Medicine for Students by Golwalla.
  • Harrison’s principle and Practice of Medicine. 
  • Hutchison’s clinical methods.
  • Clinical medicine by Kumar clark.
  • Bedside clinics in Medicine Part-I and II by Kundu.
  • Common Medical Symptoms by Mehta.
  • Practical Medicine by Mehta.
  • Clinical medicine by Patel.
  • Clinics in internal Medicine by Patel.
  • The Washington manual of medical therapeutics by Washington. 
  • Cassette clinics in medicine by Vaidya

Surgery book list 

  • Bailey and Love’s Short Practice of Surgery Chapman and Hall.
  • Clinical Methods in Surgery by K Das, 8th Edition, 1968, Suhas Kumar Dhar, Calcutta.
  • amilton Bailey’s Physical Signs by JSP Lumley 18th Edn Butterworth/Heinemann.
  • A Practical Guide to Operative Surgery, by JSP Lumley, 1999, s. Das, Calcutta
  • Manual of Surgery by Manipal.
  • Undergraduate Surgery by NAN.
  • Practical Surgery by Parulekar.
  • Practical Surgery by Parulekar.
  • Handbook of Surgical Instrument for undergraduate by Patel.
  • Art of clinical presentation in Surgery by RDB’s.
  • Art of Studying surgical pathology by RDB’s.
  • Cassette clinics in Genarel Surgery by Vaidya.
  • Pye’s Surgical Handicraft, Indian by k.m. Varghese company david C.
  • Text book of Surgery : the biological basis of Modern Surgical practice by Sabiston.
  • Seymour I. Schwartz, G. Tom Shines, Frank C. Spencer, Wendy Cowles Husser: Principles of Surgery, Volume 1 and 2,1999, Mc Graw Hill


  • Manual of Obstetric by Aftary.
  • Textbook of Obstetrics and Neonatology – Dawn.
  • Textbook of Gynecologyn,Contraception, and Dermatology – Dawn.
  • DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology including contraception by DC Dutta and hiralal. 
  • DC Dutta’s Textbookbof Obstetrics.
  • Textbook of Obstetrics – Kerkar.
  • Five Teachers Gynecology- khan.
  • Clinical Obstetrics – Mudaliar.
  • Human Labour and Birth – Oxorn-foote.
  • Practical gynaecology and Obstetrics by Parulekar.
  • Handbook of Practical Gynaecology and Obstetrics by Parulekar.
  • Textbook of Gynaecology by Shaw’s.
  • Cassette in clinics in Gynaecology and Obstetrics by Vaidya.
  • Essential Obstetrics by Wani

Pediatrics book list 

  • Paediatrics by D.K.
  • Essential Paediatrics by Ghai
  • The Short textbooks of pediatrics by Gupte.
  • Practical Aspect of Pediatrics by Mayoor.
  • Clinical Paediatrics for general Practitioner by Shejwal


  • The Heart
  • The Genarel textbook of Cardiology 
  • Cardiac catheterization and Coronary intervention 
  • Complete guide for interventional radiology 2021

Otolaryngology/ENT book list

  • A short textbook of E N T disease by BHARGAVA.
  • Disease of Ear,Nose and Throat by Dhingra.
  • ENT Simplified by Hathiram.
  • Disease of throat, Nose and Ear by Logan Turner’s.
  • Practical ENT by Prabhat.

Opthalmology book list 

  • Opthalmology oral and practical by BASAK.
  • Essential of Opthalmology by Basak.
  • Handbook of Opthalmology by
  • Chatterjee.
  • Opthalmology : Theory practical with MCQ’s by D.K. Samant.
  • Opthalmology by Khurana.
  • Textbook of Opthalmology by Nema.
  • Diseases of the Eye by Parson’s
  • Practical Opthalmology by Seetharaman.
  • MCQ’s in Opthalmology by Shekhar
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