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Prevent COVID-19 by vaccination

Who can get the vaccine?

  • Vaccine will be available for everyone.

Who can not get vaccinated?

  • Patients with fever, 
  • uncontrolled diabetes mellitus,
  • immunusuppresive disease, 
  • cancer who are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy, 
  • taking any other vaccine within 2 weeks,
  • who have obvious allergy problems and who may be allergic to one of the vaccine components (if any)

What is the effectiveness of any vaccine?

Effectiveness of covid vaccine are slightly deferent from each other

Effectiveness of vaccine 

  • Moderna vaccine: 90-94%
  • Pfizer vaccine : 70-92%
  • Covisheld vaccine : 60-86%
  • Sinopharm vaccine : 78.1-90%

How many type of corona virus variant?

Four types of corona virus variant. 
  1. Alpha variant
  2. Beta variant
  3. Delta variant
  4. Lamda variant

Can pregnant mothers get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Any type of COVID-19 vaccine can be taken between 14-33 weeks of gestation according to World health organisation (WHO). But Bnagladesh Medical Dental & Council Don’t approve for Pregnant Women,If the government approves then can be done by Government or willingly.The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists are recommend that pregnant women be routinely offered the Pfizer vaccine at any stage of pregnancy.

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Will the fetus be protected after COVID-19 vaccine?

If the two dose vaccine is completed within 14-33 weeks during pregnancy, the antibodies made in the mother’s body will enter the fetus through the blood and the baby will be protected from coronavirus attack.

Will there be any harmful effect to the mother and baby?

The study found that so far in all the countries where pregnant mothers have been vaccinated, there has been no problem other than the side effects of the mother’s vaccine (which can happen to everyone).And the study also found no evidence that the baby had any problems.
According to the british medical Journal(BMJ).

Can a lactating mother be vaccinated?

Of course, lactating mother can and will protect the baby by getting antibodies in the baby’s body through breast milk from the mother.
It is unlikely to harm the mother (except for the side effects of the vaccine) and the baby.

Should pregnant and lactating mothers  take any precautions before or after receiving the vaccine?
No. There is no need any precautions for the such caution.
Pregnant women and lactating mother is able to live a normal life.

What are the common side effects of the vaccine?

Fever,headache, body aches, fatigue,diarrhoea,muscle aches or redness at the injection site. These can happen to anyone.

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Can mothers be vaccinated with diabetes,hypertension, asthma and kidney disease?

Yes. Mothers Can be vaccinated with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, asthma and kidney disease, but if they have these diseases before taking the vaccine, they can take the vaccine after controlling disease with the advice of a specialist doctor. That is why you need to take regular treatment and consult a specialist before taking the vaccine.

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