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Forensic Medicine Viva Question for MBBS students in Bangladesh 

Second professional MBBS Viva question suggestions for MBBS students in Bangladesh. 

Forensic medicine viva question for medical students in Bangladesh. Question collected from 46th MBBS batch of Rangpur medical College.

Forensic Medicine viva question for Second Professional MBBS examination in Bangladesh 

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Forensic Medicine Model question 1 

Weapon board(samad sir+ Amir sir)
*Define fm
*define death
-late change of death
-wt is putrification
-cardinal feature of putrification
-stage of purtification
-kn kn organ late change hy
-last stage e ki form kre
*define burn
-classification with charecter
-kkhn kn shock hoy
– garment factory te agun lagce,onk manus severe burn na,bt death kno?
-wt is asphyxia

Poison board( Rafiq sir)
*define poison
*define forensic toxicology
*Poisonous patient asle as a doctor tmr duty
*ki ki viscera preserve krbe
-kar kace pathabe
*akta patient examination kre dekha gelo non-poisonous,kivabe opinion likhbe?
*define pregnancy
-sign of 1st trimester of pregnancy
*wt is sterility
*wt is impotency
-causes of impotency
Toxicology board : (Rafiq sir)
*poison gula dekhao
* stomach wash tube : parts, contraindications
*H2SO4: another name, sign symptoms, cause of death, complication, treatment ( sir er ta bolis?)
*G. Toxicology : routes of adminstration, management
* abortion: ki ki diye kora hoy, kivabe kora hoy 

Forensic Medicine Model question 2

Weapon Board ( Amir sir):
* roller : description, type of injury, grievous hurt er components
* identification : poroscopy ki, kivabe kora hoy, dactylography, type, race ki, type, bangalira kon type er
* Hanging : ligature mark, pm findings ( dribbling of dried saliva, parchmentisation, a mortem : redness mark, egula boltei hbe)

Samad sir er kisu ques : pore jaite bolse
Hanging : guide er def + which causes constriction of upper respiratory lumen
Abrasion : guide + when it comes in contact with rough surface
Injury: any harm whatever illegally caused toany…….bakita
Wound : force dissolution of tissue
Injury report e ki ki thake
Forensic pathology def

Forensic Medicine Model question 3

poison board(Rafiq sir):forensic toxicology +medicolegal classification of poison+factor action of poison+kerosene (fatal dose,sources, treatment,complication)+pregnancy(defination+MLI) weapon board: misconduct defination with example+witness (defination,type,example)+ autopsy(incision, negative autopsy) +death(defination,type)+ rope(id point,MLI)+hanging (defination,type,pm findings)

Poison board ,
Forensic toxicology er defi,medicolegal classification,Opc er type,mechanism, management
Weapon board
Rope tulchi,strangulation er defi ,types,hanging AR strangulation er main difference, DAI,subarachnoid space koto tuku bleeding hoile death hobe ,cause,Bmdc er function , hypostasis er gangrene er difference, putrefaction er definition,aro kichu question korchilo nijei ans bolche ,Ami question o bujhi nai ans o deyni ,khali chupchap bosi chilm
Forensic Viva ….

Forensic Medicine Model question 4

Weapon board : (Rofiq sir ashe nai, batch teacher mam ra ques korce) –
Identify the weapons, roller diye ki ki injury hoy, Skull fracture er type, Table e j kagoj gula thake oigula identify kora, chalan and inquest er difference, drowning er types, dry drowning e death er cause, fresh water drowning e death er cause

Toxicology board : (Amir sir and another sir)-
Ei board er name ki?, define forensic toxicology, alcohol er properties, drunkenness, alcohol consumption er hazards, suphuric acid er properties, vitreolage and its complications, pregnancy er def ,types and MLI
#poison Board (Rafique Sir)
1.Alcohol:characteristic features, what do you mean by absolute alcohol?,rectified spirit,How will you prepare alcohol(by fermentation of sugar in present of Yeast),Mechanism of absorption of alcohol, Action of alcohol

2.Cannabis Indica:active principles(no need to say Cannabinolic Acid, better to say only Cannabinol , because he wants to hear it),How will it be activated? (the active principles are contained in its resin,which has no action ;but on exposure to heat,it is partly converted to very active isomeric tetrahydrocannabinols(THC),and it initiates sign and symptoms;এখান থেকে আরও কি কি সব প্রশ্ন করেছিলো,i failed to understand the questions;উত্তর কেমনে দেই🙄
3.Abortion :causes of death in case of Criminal abortion,duties of doctor in case of criminal abortion. 

Forensic Medicine Model question 5

#weapon(AmirSir,Samad Sir)
1.Forensic Medicine, dying declaration(ইউনিয়ন পর্যায়ে কারা নিতে পারে;chairman, member)dying deposition, Types of race;তুমি কোন টাইপ এ পড়বা;mixed both caucasian and mongolian, Death, types, deep Death কোনটা;Cellular or molecular death,brain death,types,instant Death হয় কোথায়;Brain steam death(due to cessation of respiration), hanging,strangulations (features of ligature mark)asphyxia, types of drowning, dry drowning dry কেনো?burn(wilson’s classification টা বলিস)what will happen in case of deep burn(loss of sensation কারন deep drowning affects nerve)
বিঃদ্রঃ কোনো #weapon তুলতে বলে নি

Forensic Medicine Model question 6

Poison Board(Rafique Sir):

What is poison?
Medicolegal classification
Route of Administration of Poison
Criteria of Homicidal poisons

Arsenic tulo.. ki eita?? (Arsenic Salt)
Types of arsenic poisoning (acute and chronic bola jabena.. 3types hbe- Fulminant, Gastro-enteric, Narcotic)
Mechanism of death of Arsenic(janina, sir bole den nay)
Define Pregnancy.. What are the early signs of pregnancy

Weapon Board(Amir Sir and Samad Sir):

Define Forensic medicine, Autopsy, Injury, Griveous Hurt(8no. point tai griveous hurt er definition. .akdm dari koma shob shoho exaxtly shunte chacche sir).. Griveous Hurt koyta ache?
First autopsy kothay hoy? kon year e hoy
Drowning er types.. criteria of froth in drowning

Forensic Medicine Model question 7

weapon board:(Amir sir)
wooden roller describtion,ki type er injury hoy,head injury classification,incised wound define,incised wound & incised looking wound difference,def- consent,proffesional misconduct,BMDC,bruise,age of bruise& importance,asphyxia def,type,hanging er PM finding,chocking def,rigor mortise def& onset,order,PM changes in eye,rifiling def& importance,homicide e ki ki weapon use kra hoy

poison board: (rafiq sir)
describe alchohol,percentage of differnt alchohol,blood level,mode of action,trtment,drunkeness def
OPC er full name,ki medicolegal type,features,action,trtment,complication
def abortion,complications, rape def,sexual perversion def & example
Weapon board (rafiq sir, jalil sir):
1.define forensic medicine
2.define etiquette and ethics
3.professional misconduct n 6A
4.professional death sentence
5.define informed written consent
6.define asphyxia
7. Privileges of a doctor

Forensic Medicine Model question 8

Poison board(samad sir):
1.define poison
2.medicolegal classification of poison
3. stupifying agent ki ki
4. ludicrous movement
5.define rape
weapon board :
Rafiq sir
1.def of Forensic Medicine
2.branches of forensic medicine
3.forensic ballistics ki
4 pistol ta neo…parts ki ki???dekhay dao konta ki parts
5.rifling ki?
6.pistol diye mathay suicide korle mathay ki impression dekha jabe??

Forensic Medicine Model question for second professional mbbs students 9

Poison board
Samad sir
1.antidote kake bole?? Rafiq sir er def bolchi pochondo kore nai
2.shob gula poison + plants er antidote
3.kon kon plant abortifician hishebe use kora jau
4.yellow oleander er kon part?? Kivabe??
5.yellow oleander diye tumi abortion koraba ki na???
6.calortropis er kon part abortion e use kora hoy??
7.abortion stick er length breadth koto??
8.koto kkhon porjinto yellow oleander er root abortion er jonno use korba??
9.dhatura y koto gula seed thake???
7.stupifying er jonno koto gula seed use kora hoy??
8.acid gula ki abortifician hishebe use kira jay na??
Forensic Medicine: 25.05.19

Forensic Medicine Model question for second professional mbbs students 10

#Weapon board:Jolil sir+ Rafik sir

1.Define Forensic Medicine
2.Define Medical Etiquette
3.কি কি কারণে BMDC registration বাতিল করতে পারে?
4.Professional Infamous Conduct এর Definition, কি কি আছে?
5.Identification এর Def, types,traits.
কাদের identification করা হয়।
6.Weapon গুলার নাম বল সব।
7.Rope নেও।
8. Hanging এর Definition,types
9.Ligature mark কি type in case of suicidal hanging.
10.Autopsy র Def,classification.

#Poison Board: Amir sir.
1.এইগুলা কি?Poisons except stomach wash tube and swab stick.
2. Define and classify poison with examples.
3.এইখানে কোনগুলা abortifacient
4.Yellow oleander আর calotropis দিয়ে কিভাবে abortion করে?
5.Def and classify abortion.
6.Complications of abortion
7.H2So4 র properties
8.Alcohol এর Properties, Delirium tremens,Saturday Night Hazards.
9.Def Infanticides,বাংলাদেশে কোথায় ছেলে শিশু হত্যা করা হয়।

Superficial ধরে। Definition গুলা ভালো করে পড়ে যাস।

Forensic Medicine Model question for second professional mbbs students 11

Poison board:
knta kon poison, kerosine describe koro,treatment ,acute arsenic poisoning er external and internal feature, heart a ki change hoi ,rape victim examination er prerequisite ,female attendant kno lage , def of abortion, classification, def of pregnancy, s/s of pregnancy, early test,ultrasonography te ki dekha hoi ( gestational sac ).

Weapon board:
Def of forensic medicine, example of criminal cases(ekhan theke adultery ,rape a gese),def of adultery ,def of rape ,ki ki paper lage examination er jnno , forwarding certificate k kake dei ,victim er photo k attested kore ( police),professional death sentence, professional misconduct, example,functions of bmdc, registration kokhon erase kora hoi,def of evidence , types , example ,rope, hanging er def, ligature mark, other feature, court er classification, example, function of 1st class magistrate .😐

Forensic Medicine Model question for second professional mbbs students 12

Poison board rafiq sir :
Forensic toxicology, poison def., route of administration,principles of management of poison treatment…sheet er tai lagbe….kerosene….criteria…..why blue?….s/s, treatment , stomach wash dawa hoy? Keno dawa hoy na?..fatal dose…. Sexual offence, classification with examples…..
Weapon board:
Death certificate, inquest report, chalan er kagoj dhoraye bollo egula ki….keno egula laage….autopsy er def,classification, pathological autopsy def….. incision, modified Y er kivabe dey…..kon dhoroner case e dey…..head er incision….naam ki?😪 death def., diagnostic criteria of brain stem death, diagnosis of death……
Ospe shob repeat hoise ajke….. Rafiq sir rr mood ajke onek kharap chilo…… Parleo jharse icchamoton…….weapon board er sir ta kaan e kom shune….jore bola laage😐 ar ashe pashe nijer batchteacher baade onno batch teacher na thakai valo….kono help kore na….ulta pressure e fele🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jolil sir just boshe thake…..ja exam rafiq sir ekai ney bolte gele🤨🤪

Forensic Medicine Model question for second professional mbbs students 13

Board distribution-
Weapon: জলিল স্যার এবং রফিক স্যার।
Toxicology:2 জন ই external sir। nam mone nai।😐
ফার্স্ট বোর্ড:weapon (rollwise)

1.what is forensic medicine
2.what are the branches of forensic medicine
3.what is medical etiquette
4.what is professional misconduct
5.rights of doctors
6.rights of patients
7.what are the changes that occur after death.
8.what is putrifaction.

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