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Essence of pathology by Professor Dr Shamsuzzaman sir

Type: Pathology book
Edition: Third
Page quality: Color print
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The essence of pathology book deals with the Genarel pathology, systemic pathology, hematology, chemical & clinical pathology and practical pathology.

Who’s needs this book?
Specially the book is very essential for third professional MBBS students in Bangladesh. It is also very helpful for postgraduate entrance exam in Bangladesh.

Why is it best pathology book in Bangladesh?

• Very easy
• Short discussion
• Easily memorable
• It cover basic pathology without reading robbins pathology
• The page quality is awesome
• It well organised for MBBS students in Bangladesh.

“I read this book for my third professional mbbs examination,this book very help me to clear conception about pathology. I am highly recommended to read this book during MBBS period. ” said, Noman Islam Nirob, MBBS student of Rangpur Medical College, is CEO of Doctors Gang.

Who is the author the essence of pathology book?

Professor Dr Shamsuzzaman, author of essence of pathology book
Prof Dr Shamsuzzaman 

Professor Dr. Md. Shamsuzzaman,Head, Department of Pathology, Rangpur Medical College.He was born in Mornia, Haragach in Rangpur District. He passed SSC in first division
and HSC in first division with distinguished marks.He has completed MBBS from Rangpur Medical College in September 1984.He was first boy in his batch and he stood second in all professional examinations of Rajshahi University. He has completed M.phil in Pathology from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University [Former IPGM&R] regularly in 1992.

Contents of Essence of pathology by Jaman sir.

Segment-I : General Pathology

Chapter-1 Introduction, Cell and Cellular Responses
Chapter-2 Inflammation and Tissue Renewal
Chapter-3 Immunopathology and Amyloidosis
Chapter-4 Hemodynamic Derangement
Chapter-5 Genetics
Chapter-6 Neoplasm
Chapter-7 Nutritional Diseases
Chapter-8 Environmental Pathology

Segment-II : Systemic Pathology

Chapter 9 Blood Vessels and Lymphatics
Chapter 10 The Heart
Chapter-11 Lymph Nodes
Chapter-12 The Respiratory System
Chapter-13 Salivary Glands
Chapter-14 The Gastrointestinal Tract
Chapter-15 Hepatobiliary System
Chapter-16 Urinary Tract
Chapter-17 Male Reproductive System
Chapter-18 Female Reproductive System
Chapter-19 Breast
Chapter 20 The Endocrine System
Chapter 21 The Skin
Chapter-22 Skeletal System
Chapter 23 The Nervous System

Segment-III : Hematology

Chapter-24 Bone Marrow and Blood
Chapter 25 Anemia
Chapter-26 Hemolytic Anemia
Chapter 27 WBC
Chapter 28 Leukemia and Leukemoid Reaction
Chapter 29 Hemorrhagic Disorders
Chapter-30 Myeloproliferative Disorder, Paraproteinemia, Myelodysplastic Disorders and Leuco-Erythroblastic Blood Picture
Chapter-31 Blood Group and Blood Transfusion

Segment-IV : Chemical and Clinical Pathology

Chapter-32 Liver Function Test, Lipoproteins and Kidney Function Test
Chapter-33 Pregnancy Test and Semen Analysis
Chapter-34 Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, Urine and Stool Examination
Chapter-35 CSF And Body Fluids
Segment-V: Practical Pathology
Chapter-36 Detection of Protein and Reducing Substance in Urine
Chapter-37 Leishman’s Staining of Blood Film
Chapter-38 Identification of Histopathology Slides
Chapter-39 OSPE (third professional mbbs examination) 
Routine Histopathology Technique and Staining
Laboratory Reference Ranges

Essence of pathology book by prof Shamsuzzaman
Essence of pathology book by prof Shamsuzzaman

How to buy essence of pathology book? 

1.You can buy essence of pathology by manually from library which are sell medical books. 

2. You can order on online for this book, many website sell this book, such as

Essence of pathology price in Bangladesh? 

Price of essence of pathology by Prof Dr Shamsuzzaman is around 480-500. It can be vary and change. 

You can give your opinion/review about the essence of pathology book by prof Shamsuzzaman sir following conment box.

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