Elementary Surgery By Professor Basunia | Book Review

Elementary Surgery by Prof Dr Basunia

Elementary Surgery by Prof Basunia
Elementary Surgery by Professor Basunia

Why to read this book?

  • It discuss easily surgical information 
  • It well organised according to MBBS Syllabus 
  • It is also helpful for FCPS,MD, and other entrance examination. 

Who’s need to buy elementary surgery book?

  • 3rd year MBBS Students for Surgery ward
  • 4th year MBBS Students for Surgery ward
  • Final year MBBS Students for Ward,Viva,OSCE,Written examination. 
  • For MS, and FCPS surgery course etc

Where to buy elementary Surgery book by Basunia Book?

  1. You can by this book nearest library
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About Elementary Surgery Book:

It is one of the best surgery for MBBS students in Bangladesh. It discuss common surgical education according to Professional Exam syllabus. 

About author :

Author name of elementary surgery book is Professor Dr Md Moksed Basunia. 
He is a Professor of surgery, Rangpur Medical College and Hospital. 
Content of this book:

Contents of Elementary Surgery 

Panel of the reviewers
Part 1

Principles of surgery

1. Introduction to clinical surgery
2. Huid and electrolytes
3. Shock
5. Ulcer. Sinus & Fistula
6. Infection
7. Special types of infection
8. Gangrene
9. Cyst
10. Haemorrhage
11. Blood Transfusion
12. Tumour
13. Bum
14. Skin graft
15. Trauma and emergency surgery
16. Minimal Access Surgery (MAS)
17. Transplantation
18. Perioperative care
19. Metabolic, neuro-endocrine & immunological response to injury
20. Basic surgical skills and suture materials
21. Anaesthesia
22. Abdominal Incisions
23. Preparation of the operation team before giving incision
24. Principle of anastomosis
25. Modem devices for dissection
26. Antibiotic prophylaxis
27. Hernia
28. Hydrocele
29. Radio Isotope in Surgical Practices

Systemic Surgery

30. Thyroid
31. The breast
32. Thoracic surgery
33. Cardiovascular surgery
34. Oral cavity
35. Salivary gland tumor
36. Oesophagus
37. Peritoneum
38. Acute abdomen
39. Stomach and duodenum
40. Small and large gut
41. Rectum
42, Anus and anal canal
43. Hepatobiliary
44. Pancreas
45. Kidney and ureter
46. Urinary bladder, Prostate and urethra
47. Penis and scrotum
48. Peripheral nerves
49. Head Injury
50. Brain tumour
51. Fracture
52. Common fractures of upper limb
53. Common fractures of lower limb
54. Dislocations of large joints
55. Osteomyelitis
56. Bone tumour

Part 3 examination Concern 

Common instruments used in general surgery
OSPE (Observed Structures for Practical Examination)
59. OSCE (Observed Structures for Clinical Examination)
60. SOE (Structured Oral Examination) 

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