Dr shahidul Islam shugom – Urology Specialist in Rangpur

Dr shahidul Islam shugom – Head of Urology Department, Rangpur Medical College and Hospital,Rangpur 

Dr shahidul Islam shugom’s designation:


Urinary disease, Kidney disease specialist and Surgeon. 

Associate Professor, Urology Department,Rangpur Medical College Hospital. 

Dr shahidul Islam shugom’s Chamber :

Popular Diagnostic Center, unit 1, Rangpur, 

Dhap, jail road, Rangpur 

Dr shahidul Islam shugom’s appointment no : 


He is one of the famous urologist in Rangpur. He deals many disease and surgical operation of urinary system such as Benign enlargement of prostate,Kidney stone,Urinary bladder Carcinoma,Male infertility etc. 

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