Viral Hepatitis :Causes,Symptoms,Serology,and Treatment

Hepatitis B Virus Serology and Blood Test
Hepatitis B Virus

Viral Hepatitis at a glance

Important Line for MCQ and SBAAnswer
DNA VirusHepatitis B virus (only)
RNA VirusHepatitis A,C,D,E vrus
Virus act Against HIVHepatitis G virus
(Source : Robinc Pathology)
Sexually Transmitted virusHepatitis A,B,C,D virus
Chronic Hepatitis DevelopHepatitis B,C,D virus
Hepatocelular Carcinoma devlopHepatitis C virus
Vaccine availableHepatitis A,B, and D virus
Vaccine not availableHepatitis C virus
Defective VirusHepatitis D virus
Important topics about Viral Hepatitis

Causes of viral Hepatitis

TraitsName of viruses
CommonHepatitis A,B, C,E, D virus
Less CommonCMV(Cytomegalo virus)
RareHerpes Simplex,Yellow fever
Causes of Viral Hepatitis

Acute Hepatitis vs Chronic Hepatitis

TraitsAcute HepatitisChronic Hepatitis
TimeLess than 6 monthsmore than 6 months
Prodormal FeaturePresentAbsent
CausesHVA, and HVEHBV,HVC,and HVD
PrognosisSpontaneous RecoverySpontaneous Recovery and or fatal to life
ComplicationsChance of ARF (Acute Renal Failure)Chance of Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatocelular Carcinoma.
acute hepatitis vs chronic hepatitis

Serology of Hepatitis Virus infection

Acute hepatitis B virus infection serology

Incubation PhasePresentPresentAbsentAbsent
Acute Hepatitis (early stage)PresentPresentAbsentAbsent
Acute Hepatitis (established case)PresentPresentPresentAbsent
Convalescence Period (early 3 to 6 month)AbsentAbsent or PresentPresentPresent or absent
Convalescence Period (early 6 to 9 month)AbsentAbsentpresentpresent
After RecoveryAbsentAbsentPresentPresent or Absent
After VaccinationAbsentAbsentAbsentPresent
Acute Hepatitis B virus Serology (Courtesy : Davidson Principle of Medicine)

Chronic Hepatitis B virus Serology

PhaseHBsAgHBeAganti-HBeAbViral loadALT
Immune Tolerant+++++Normal or low
Immune Reactive HBeAg Positive Chronic hepatitis++++high
Inactive carrier Phase++-/+Normal
HBeAg Negative Chronic Hepatitis++Fluctuating
HBsAg Negative Phase+-/(+-)Norml
Courtesy : Box 23.41 : Davidson Principle of Medicine, 22 Edition, 951 Page
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