Learn simple tests to diagnose diabetes (HBA1C and Diabetes)

What is diabetes? 

In Diabetes,Persistent hyperglycemia present due absolute or relative deficiency of insulin.

Laboratory investigation of Diabetes mellitus

  • RBS or Random blood sugar
  • FBS or Fasting blood sugar
  • 2hours after Glucose load
  • HBA1C (below 6.5% Normal).
Today I will discuss about HBA1C in diabetics.

HBA1C for Diabetes

HBA1C and Diabetes
HBA1C and Diabetes

The most accurate and widely used method of diagnosing diabetes is the oral glucose tolerance test or OGTT. During this method, the patient has got to have a blood sugar test once within the morning on an empty stomach, then another two hours after drinking 75 grams of glucose juice. This method can accurately diagnose diabetes mellitus and pre-diabetes (Impaired Glucose tolerance). But many often get in trouble for testing. Because, you’ve got to offer blood sample within the morning without eating for a minimum of eight hours, you’ve got to offer blood twice and sometimes you’ve got to rest or sit within the lab for 2 hours. Many of us don, ‘t want to drink sweet solution thereon. Scientists were trying to find an easier method. In several parts of the planet, therefore, tests called HBA1C are wont to detect diabetes. This means a mean of a couple of months of blood glucose. This test is often done at any time of the day and a blood sample has got to tend once. According to the rules of the American Diabetic Association, if the worth of HBA1C is below 5.6, it is often considered normal. If it’s quite 7.5, it’ll be considered as having diabetes. If this value is between 5.6 and 7.00, it should be considered as IGT or pre-diabetes or pre-diabetes. However, HBA 1C test should be wiped out the prescribed manner during a good quality laboratory. If someone features a hereditary blood disease or features a problem with blood clots, this test might not give the proper result. This test is not wont to diagnose gestational diabetes. Regular diabetes screening should be done after the age of 40 if you’re overweight, have a case history of diabetes and other risks. Oral glucose tolerance test or HBA1C test are often finished this purpose.  

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