Cataract : symptoms,type,Cause,Prevention and Treatment


Cataract :type, cause, symptoms, treatment

What is cataract?  

Cataracts reduce the clarity of the eye’s own normal lens. This causes protein to accumulate on the lens and create a clouding or blurred feeling. As a result, the light cannot go directly into the retina. It is most common in the world and happens to everyone specialy old age. Almost all people get this disease in old age.It is normal for the disease to appear in one or both eyes at least after the average age of 65-70 years. But although very rare, this disease can be seen in childhood. Since the disease is very common and affects everyone, it can be considered as the biggest cause of blindness if not treated.

Symptoms of Cataract 

  • Symptoms of this disease include gradual loss of vision, 
  • vision problems even after wearing glasses, blurred or blurred vision, 
  • sometimes seeing two things, 
  • difficulty recognizing the exact color, and 
  • increased blurred vision in the evening.

There is no way to stop it. However, smoking harms the overall health of the eyes. So not smoking, protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays as much as possible, and controlling or warning for diabetes can greatly delay the onset of the disease. 

Treatment of Cataract  

The primary treatment of cataract is surgery . Ninety percent of people get better eyesight after surgery. Here is Dr. Nirob Ahmed says, “The retina of the eye is like a camera film. If the retina is good, does not become weak, then the light rays coming from the clear lens after the cataract operation will create a clear reflection in the retina. As a result, complete vision will return. But if the operation is not done in time, the protein accumulated lens can become soft and swollen, which is called phacomorphic glucoma. Or it may harden and rupture and leak fluid, called phacolytic glaucoma. This time, if the glucoma is not treated in time, it can lead to blindness. As a result, it is safe to have cataract surgery in time. ”

Cataract Disease Specialist doctor list in Dhaka

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