Blockade: Medical students do not want to take exams with bonds and health risks

Blockade: Medical students do not want to take exams with bond and health risks 

Blockade of students demanding cancellation of professional exams. 

The Department of Health has announced the dates of examinations in various government and private medical colleges in the country. The date for the first, second, and third professional examinations was announced in the last week of December. However, medical and dental students do not want to sit for exams due to health risks during corona period. So, they are protesting by blocking the demand to cancel the professional exams. 

Bond sign is really inhumane  

Famous medicine specialist of the subcontinent, Dr ABM Abdullah Sir told that it is really inhumane to have to participate in professional exams with bonds. If an examine is infected with corona virus, he should be given the opportunity to participate in the examination through a special arrangements by the authority. In the ongoing irregular final professional examination, students have to participate in the examination with a bond sign. If someone is positive for corona virus disease, they will not be able to take the test and will be delayed for another six months. Alternative measures must be taken for this problem. 

Medical students demand four points 

  • 1) Proof without bonding sign in Corona epidemic. 
  • 2) we want instructions to start the next phase of online class to eliminate the session jam without delay. 
  • 3) Private medical colleges will not be able to take salary for more than 60 months. 
  • 4) The health risks of the medical students should be taken into first consideration while taking any class / exam during the corona pandemic. 

When the second wave of corona is going on in the world, sitting for the exam will cause corona infection as well as death risk. For this reason, medical students do not want to participate in the exam until the situation is normal. Students have been protesting for the past few days by blocking the Shahbag 

junction at noon under the banner of general medical and dental students demanding cancellation of exams and session jam free medical academic year. At that time, the traffic in Shahbagh’s four-way road was disrupted. The demonstration has been replaced by the presence of police. Earlier, a human chain program was held at the central Shaheed Minar in the capital. During the protest, the students said that our professional exams will be held in last week of December when education activities are being conducted in different countries of the world by protecting hygiene and second wave is being feared. Not only that, the obligation to stay in the residential halls for one month before the examination has been fixed. Each hall has three to four students in a room. In this case, the authorities will not take responsibility if anyone is infected with COVID-19. No one will be able to participate in the professional exams if infected. As a result, students will fall behind by six months. They demanded to take the professional exams if the situation is normal. One of the protesters, a private medical college student, said that despite the closure of classes for the last seven months, notices were being issued to pay salaries to students at each private medical college following the Health Department’s directive to conduct examinations. The protesters said that under the terms of the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), students of private medical colleges will pay 60 months, ‘ salary while studying. In that case, the private medical college authorities will collect the salary even if the educational activities are stopped due to the corona pandemic and if additional classes are held later. So, on the one hand, they do not want to take the exam due to sessions jam, on the other hand, they have to pay extra salary and if they participate in the exam, they have health risks and other problems.

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