Best Physiology Books for Medical Students, Doctors, and PhD students 2024

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Best Physiology Books 2024 for Medical students and Doctors

What is physiology and why need to this Book for you?

Physiology is the Branch of medical science that deals with normal function of the living organism.

Physiology is one of the most important basic and pre-clinical subjects for Medical Students and Doctors. it is very important for understanding and comprehend the normal function of the human body. You cannot understand pathology of a disease without reading of physiology. So physiology you have to must read for basic clear and proper knowledge about normal function and mechanism of human body.
I am an Medical Student, I completed my first year which have three main book anatomy, physiology and Biochemistry. Now I am MBBS final year. I have to read physiology main book that help us to understand pathology and clinical medicine. If you want to good clinician, you have to learn physiology, for making good clinician. In first year Medical School / Medical College, Physiology is important book, I was reading 3 types physiology Book, today I will share my experience, how and Why I read the physiology Book. Which is best to me.

Best Physiology Book for Medical Students 2024

Most of the students suggest two books for physiology are a Gyton & Hall, another is Boron & Boulpaep Medical physiology. But I also prefer to Gyton and Hall for new medical Students but gannon for old Students or doctors.There are several great physiology book that are popular among the medical students and physician. Contue to read my reviews on the most popular physiology book and why I consider Guyton and Hall to be the no 1 physiology Book among all.

List of Best Physiology Books for medical students

  1. Guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology
  2. Boron & Boulpaep Medical physiology
  3. Costanzo’s Physiology
  4. Ganong’s review of medical physiology
  5. BRS physiology

Before buying book you have to know which is recommended from your University or medical school. Therefore, you should always consult your senior and university’s book recommendations. Nevertheless, the physiology books  listed here should cover everything required for the your medical physiology course. You can take guide for buying physiology book by reading the article and evaluating medical textbooks which are the best for you.

1. Guyton And Hall Textbook Of Medical Physiology

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This textbook guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology is widely regarded as the gold-standard physiology book in the field of medical physiology, Which it has been since its first edition was released in 1956 , I say the book is bible of physiology book.Good Quality of pages are packed with in-depth material covering all aspects of medical physiology and provides everything, Box,table and awesome figure which is need for your physiology course.

Guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology book divided into 15 sections and also subdivided into 85 chapters. Each topic is covered with attention to details information, Summry,table, box and picture. It have some Multiple Choice Questions and Answer While the physical book does not include them which is very helpful your online or physical exam. Guyton and Hall textbook of medical physiology textbook is one of the highly recommend book many countries medical School and College for medical Students. I am read the book and I recommend to you for easy language and clear conception about physiology.
You can know about the book more information  from AmazonAmazon review.

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2. Boron & Boulpaep Medical Physiology

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Boron & Boulpaep’s textbook of medical physiology on this list to match and even surpass the Guyton & Hall textbook in terms of depth and length. Boron & Boulpaep’s textbook of medical physiology is the best choice for Postgraduate doctors, PhD students.
Boron and Boulpaep’s textbook of medical physiology is a bible of medical physiology according to many physiologist in the world. It is not suitable for undergraduate students due to depth and length. Boron & Boulpaep’s textbook of medical physiology textbook is as much suited to a Ph.D. student as one in medical College or Medical school.

Overall, the Information is very detailed and in-depth , but it easy to read compare to other foreign Writer’s textbooks. It features lots of figure, flowchart,graphical presentations etc which are helped to understand well.

Every topic are described in depths and discussed clinically relevant information that is highlighted with squares table that attracted to the med students. It has broad 10 Division which are subdivedd to  62 chapters. It is best choice for PhD students, but not bad for undergraduate students due it is almost similar but have few extra than gyton & hall medical physiology book. See Price on Amazon of the Book with Positive Review of many Medical Students and physician

3.BRS Physiology

BRS Physiology is also very important and outstanding physiology Books for MBBS first year students, it also important for Postgraduate students worldwide. Its language so easy than other English writer.  It is very good book for medical students. Why buy to this book, Most important point is the book is very good compare to the price of another physiology Books, So cheap for Medical Students. You can check the price with positive review on Amazon

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Dr. Md. Noman Islam Nirob, MBBS(Rangpur Medical College)

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