Ankle Pain: Causes, Remedy and Prevention of Ankle pain.

Causes and remedies for ankle pain

There are several causes of ankle pain. Pain in the ankle can be caused by an increase for uric acid in the body, changes in the bio mechanisms of the ankle, or abnormal cuff muscles. Heel spur problems are usually caused by abnormal growth of the ankle bones. It causes inflammation in the soft tissues / muscles under the ankles. As a result, patients with heel spurs experience severe pain. It is also called clinically spherical. This problem causes the calcaneus to become a little extra bone in the foot, causing pain in the ankle. This pain can be moderated to severe.

Ankle pain : causes and Prevention of ankle pain

This type of problem is more common in women, but anyone at any age can suffer from ankle pain due to heel spurs or calcaneal spurs.

Another problem can be cause of ankle pain. We call this plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a membrane located below the muscle. It can cause pain due to inflammation. After waking up, if you step on your feet, you will feel pain all over your feet or ankle.

causes of ankle painঃ

—Wear tight shoes all the time.

— If there is a tension in the leg muscles for a long time.

— If the ankle muscle is torn.

— If the weight is more than the height.

—Because of some congenital / structural problems of the feet.

— Wear high heels.

—If you take too much calcium too often.

 Symptoms of ankle pain:

— There will be severe pain in the ankles.

— The ankle is swollen.

— The ankle feels red and hot.

— Pain increases when walking or running.

— After waking up, there is a sharp pain in the ankle like a needle puncture.

what to do avoid in ankle painঃ

 —  normally you can’t walk in hard places

— Strict shoes should be avoided

— Body weight gain must be controlled

— Diabetes must be controlled

— You cannot stand on single leg for long duration

Treatment of ankle painঃ

— Wear soft shoes. Use shoes that will keep the ankle slightly higher than the toes.

— Painkillers can be taken to reduce pain. Uric acid-lowering medications can be taken if uric acid is a high.

— Use ice pack under the ankle three / four times a day or soak your feet in a bucket of lukewarm water for 15 to 20 minutes.

— Bodyweight should be controlled.

— Wear soft and comfortable flat sandals / shoes.

—Physiotherapy treatment has a very effective role in calcaneal spur or ankle pain.

—Many times we doctor use some injections for long-term pain which are very useful and reduce the pain quickly. The injection must be given by an expert and orthopedic doctor. 80-90 percent of the patients are seen to be better. Surgery may be required in 10% of patients.

Self Therapeutic Exerciseঃ

— Stand on a wall with both hands, so that, one leg is slightly bent in front of you and the other leg is a straight behind. In this situation the back should be kept straight. Then hold the hind legs tightly and hold for 20-30 seconds. Thus, 8 to ten times, three times daily.

— Straighten up the stairs and place your ankles on the outside of the stairs. Then the body mass should be placed on the ankle. Thus holding 20-30 seconds daily 8-10 times, daily three times.

— ‘Tip to’ exercise should be done at least twice a day for 20/30 minutes. In other words, with the weight on the toes, the ankles should be raised and then flat with the floor.

Some rules to reduce pressure on the ankle

— Weight must be controlled. It is quite effective in reducing any pain in the legs.

— High heels and hard soles should be avoided

— Use low or medium heel shoes

— Self stretching exercises mentioned above should be done regularly

— Avoid the habit of standing on one leg for too long.

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