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Post-Graduation in China for Bangladeshi Doctors

MD/MS and PHD in China for Bangladeshi Medical Graduates

Post Graduation in China for Bangladeshi Medical Graduates

Many people nowadays choose China for post graduation. MD / MS can be done if there is a self-fund of 11500-17500 USD (10-12 Lakh BDT). Now it is possible to do post graduation in English curriculum in China. Most universities in China run PhD programs. In Bangladesh, Chinese MD/MS equals as diploma. And in case of scholarship, if you have good CGPA, CV, and good academic background, you can get scholarship From the University in China. Scholarships are not very difficult in China. Especially for MD/MS students. One of the specialties of China is that robotic surgery is performed there and training on robotic surgery can be taken, which is not common anywhere in Asia without china. You can learn robotic surgery in China and start the first robotic surgery in your country.

If you have language skills, good CGPA, good CV, academic background, you can easily get scholarship in MD / MS. And if you go to the self-fund, the cost will be around 10-15 lakh Taka or 9-13 lakh indian rupee, and you will be able to study in the English curriculum. 

BMDC Recognize that MD / MS as Diploma.

BMDC only recognizes PhD following Medical University :

  1. Shandong University, 
  2. Suzhou University and 
  3. Hebei University.

But in China you always have to face language problems. Because they do not know English at all.

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