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Salary Range in Kuwait as Physician 
Doctor salary in Kuwait

Monthly salary rang in Kuwait as a doctor 

A person working in Kuwait as doctors earns about average 98,76.00 USD or 2970 KWD monthly. Physician Salary range in Kuwait is 3624.76 USD to 16693.86 USD monthly . 

Yearly salary range in Kuwait as a doctor

On the other hand, A person working in Kuwait as doctors earns about average 118512.00 USD annually. Physician Salary range in UAE is 43,497.12 USD to 200,326.32 USD to  annually 

Kuwait’s medical cost is in the very higher side.The minimum consultation fee ranges anything between 2 KWD to 30 KWD. The cost also depends upon the time Doctor is allocating for a particular patient. 

In Kuwait consultation fee very higher but it can very by a specialist to another specialist such as Paediatrics, Gynecologist,cardiologist and Neurologists are in high demand in Kuwait. 

Kuwait is always having dearth of good doctors or physician and personally it feels like the money oriented professionalism has largely skewed towards quantity coverage than being empathetic to patients. However, good physician are always high in demand across the entire Kuwait, where a full time employed doctors earn a salary more than 200,326.32 USD annually with other fringed benefit. 

Average Salaries of doctors in Kuwait according to specialty 2021

SpecialityAverage Salary(USD)
Genarel physician 8713.06 $
Internal Medicine 


★It will update as soon as possible. 

Average Salaries of doctors in Kuwait according to Degree and Job quality 2021

Degree /
Average Salary(USD)
MBBS Doctor
(With Min 5 years experience) 
 4990.49 $
MRCP doctor/
MD doctor

For Foreign Doctors salary range in Kuwait:

All of you know doctors can operate as government hospital or self-employed or work as an employee for a private hospital or a clinic or tertiary center entire the country .In order to practice medicine in Kuwait you need to first obtain Kuwait Medical  licencing examination by writing exams. A Freshers doctors can normally earn around 3,000 USD to 7,000 USD. it  depends on one's previous experience in other countries. There has been cases where physicians are hired at a salary of 5000 USD - 10000 USD based on their expertise . Once you have enough experience in Kuwait the best thing to perform is have your clinic and serve the patients which really works out well and doctors make around 3624 USD to 16693 USD monthly. Now these earning figures are not accurate, or my assumptions acording to internet source. These are the annual income based on the market structure in Kuwait. You cannot get anywhere tje exact figure of doctors salaries in Kuwait or others by following others website.There’s a catch, in Public or Government Hospitals doctors earn more than Private Hospitals doctors in Kuwait.

Specialist doctor salary in Kuwait

Md/MRCP  doctors salary range in Kuwait is high about 2920KWD to 16000 KWD, sometimes more than this range vary under licencing examination such as prometric exam. 

MBBS doctor salary in Kuwait

MBBS doctors monthly Salary range in Kuwait is around 1500 KWD. MBBS doctors average monthly salary range is 3624 USD to 16693 USD  in Kuwait.

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  1. I have worked experience of around 14 year as a family physician....How much salary depending on my experience may I get Kuwait

    1. After KMLE examination you have to take licences from health of ministry.
      Private sector and government sector licence and salary are different. You have to find the hospital for know your query. We share average salary of a doctors (mbbs+5 yr experience + kmle exam pass+ licence from MOH)around 5000$ (average)
      Range (3000-16000$).

      After joining in Kuwait as a doctor. Your salary will be double after 10 years insaallah.


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