Best Kidney Doctors in Rangpur : Urologist and Nephrologist

Best kidney disease specialist doctors in Rangpur 

Urologist : The Physician deals with Surgical Procedure of Renal system (include kidney, pelvis, ureter,bladder,testis)
and intervention associated with Urnary tract are called Urology specialist doctors or Urologist.
on the other hand the physician deals with kidney and urinary tract disease without surgery are called Nephrology Specialist. 

In Rangpur have renowned physician about Urology and Nephrology . 

Best kidney disease specialist in Rangpur

Most Popular Urology Specialist Doctors in Rangpur

1. Dr Shahidul Islam Sugam

  • Urology Specialist
  •  Professor, and Head of Urology Department, Rangpur Medical College Hospital. 
  • Practice in Popular Diagnostic Center, Unit 1,fifth floor, Rangpur. 

2. Dr Anowar Hossain Manik 

3. Dr Mahmud al Alam

4. Dr Mostafizur Rahman mithu

5. Dr Moynul Hoque Chowdhury

Most Popular Nephrology Specialist Doctors in Rangpur

1. Dr Mobassr Alam Suja

2. Dr Syed Anisuzzaman mithun

3. Dr Md Abdul Mukit

  • Nephrology Specialist 
  • Assistant professor, Nephrology Department, Rangpur Medical College Hospital, Rangpur. 
  • Practice at Apollo diagnostic center, Rangpur. 

4. Dr Jahidul Islam

  • Paediatric Nephrology Specialist 
  • Asso. Professor, Paediatric Nephrology Department, Rangpur Medical College Hospital, Rangpur. 
  • Practice at Popular Diagnostic Center, Unit 2,Fifth floor,Rangpur. 

For appointment of above urology and nephrology doctors following or click diagnostic center with highlighted by color.
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