COVID-19 patients test price in Bangladesh

COVID-19 test Price in Bangladesh 2021 

Covid 19 Test:

  1. RT-PCR about 3500 at ICDDRB (all inclusive) 
  2. Rapid Antigen Test of COVID-19 is not known to us.

Covid test price in Bangladesh

COVID-19 Patient's others test prices in Bangladesh 

COVID-19 Patients test prices fixed by director of Genarel health Service(DGHS) of the people Republic of Bangladesh 
Test NamePrice
LFT(liver Function Test)1000৳
S. Creatinine400৳
S. Electrolyte 
S. Feritine 1200৳
S. Pro-calcitonin2000৳
CT scan of Chest6000৳
Chest X-ray Digital 600৳

It can be changes anytime according to authority. 
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