Best telegram chanel for medical students and doctors 2021

Telegram group/channel for Medical students and doctors
Telegram chanel for medical students and doctors

We provide group link according to degree, such as MBBS group,MD group, FCPS group, and MRCP group etc.


  1. Cardiology Group
  2.  Urology Group
  3.  Respiratory Medicine & Pulmonology Group
  4. Hematology & Oncology Group
  5. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Group
  6. Rheumatology Group
  7. Orthopedics Group
  8. Nephrology Group
  9. Radiology Group
  10. Obstetrics and Gynecology Group
  11. Gastroenterology Group
  12. Endocrinology Group
  13. Emergency Medicine Group
  14. Dermatology Group
  15. Pediatrics Group
  16. Surgery Group
  17. Psychiatry Group
  18. Pathology Group
  19. Neurology Group
  20. Ophthalmology Group



Medical Book pdf

BCS Book pdf

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