National Guidelines for Management of Hypertension in Bangladesh

National guidelines for Hypertension Management in Bangladesh

National guidelines for management of hypertension

Hypertension is the most common disease in the world as well as Bangladesh. Most of the in the world are victim of Hypertension. 

What is Hypertension? 

When systolic blood Pressure more than or equal 140 mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure more than or equal 90 mmHg is called High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. 

How to manage Hypertension patients in Bangladesh :

  • Proper History taking 
  • Proper evaluation 
  • Finding secondary causes of Hypertension 
  • Treatment under National guidelines in Bangladesh 

Where to get national guidelines for management Hypertension :

  • You can national guidelines for Hypertension management in DGHS website 
  • You can get it website 
  • You can get in our site doctors gang 
  • For download pdf following the the link

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