Multiple choice question of Haematology for medical students | MD,MS,FCPS,MRCP,PLAB

Multiple choice question of Haematology for medical students: MBBS,MRCP,FCPS,MD/MS

MCQ question and answers by Noman Islam Nirob

Multiple choice question for Haematology

1) Coagulation factor genareted in the liver are:

• Factor II
• Factor IV
• Factor VI
• Factor IX
• Factor X

2) Primary Factors of Coagulation are-

• Prothombin
• Calcium ion
• Factor VIII
• Factor IX
• Fibrinogen

3)Vitamin K is necessary for synthesis of -

• Factor X
• Fibrinogen
• Factor IX
• Prothrombin
• Factor VI

4)Causes of Prolong Prothrombin time?

• Treatment with Oral anticoagulant drugs
• Disseminated Intravascular coagulation
• Haemophilia A
• Deficiency of factor XI & XII
• Haemolytic disease of Newborn

5)ESR depends on-

• Albumin concentration
• Plasma viscosity
• Fibrinogen level
• Immunoglobulin

6)Essential Hormone for erythropoesis are-

• Testosterone
• Thyroxine
• Oestrogen
• Prolactin

7)Prothombin time is increased in the following conditions -

• Obstructive jaundice
• Haemophilia
• Christmas disease
• After splenectomy

8)ESR influenced by-

• Level of fibrinogen
• Albumin concentration
• Immunoglobulin
• Plasma Viscosity

9)Prothombin activator consists of-

• Phospholipid
• Prothombin
• Factor V
• Factor IX
• Activated Factor X

10) Stems cells-

• Prolong self Renewal
• Capacity to deferenciate into specialized cell
• No role in tissue homeostasis
• Not found in adults
• Role in tissue repair

11) Nutritional requirement of erythropoesis -

• Bile salts
• Amino acid
• Folic acid
• Erythropoetin
• Androgens

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7) Md Noman Islam Nirob, MBBS student,Rangpur Medical College. 

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