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Physician/Doctor salaries in Bangladesh

Doctor salaries in Bangladesh

In Govt Job, that's mean BCS cadre,It will start 22,500.00 BDT to 103,000.00 BDT monthly(basic scale).but it could be about 40,000.00 to 1,50,000.00 BDT including basic scale with others.

WOn the other hand, Non-BCS doctor salaries highly vary according to private hospital conditions, but it around 15000.00 BDT to 100,000.00 BDT.

Doctor salaries Range yearly in Bangladesh

BCS doctor salary:

In Govt Job, that's mean BCS cadre,It will start 2,70,000.00 BDT to 12,00,000.00 BDT yearly.
On the other hand

Non BCS or Private doctor dalary

Non BCS doctor salaries highly vary according to private hospital conditions, but it around 1,80,000.00 BDT to 12,00,000.00 BDT.
The minimum consultation fee ranges anything between 300 BDT to 1000 BDT in Bangladesh. The fees also depends on the time of doctor is allocating for a particular patient. 

Eg, a fifteen minute consultation fee of doctors would cost about 1000 BDT for a patient. It also rely on the specialization as one has Paediatrics, Gynecologist,cardiologist and Neurologists are in high demand in Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh is always having dearth of good doctors and personally it feels like the money oriented professionalism has largely skewed towards quantity coverage than being empathetic to patients.
However,good doctors are always high in demand across or outside the Bangladesh.

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Intern doctors salaries in Bangladesh
During intern period, an intern doctors get salaries about 15,000.00 BDT. The period is golden period in the is the last stage to learn under senior doctors in Bangladesh.

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FCPS/Residency doctor salaries in Bangladesh

During FCPS Course, BCPS will provide 20,000.00৳ for FCPS candidates If he have no BCS.but Who have BCS he will get the payscale according to BCS salary range.

MBBS doctor salary in Bangladesh

MBBS doctors monthly Salary range in Bangladesh is 22,500.00৳ to 1030000.00৳.
MBBS doctors average monthly salary range is 35,000.00 in Bangladesh.

N.B.: Salary of all doctors will be double after 10 years from start of practice.

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