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FCPS Medicine part-1 preparation and Syllabus in Bangladesh

FCPS part 1 Syllabus medicine

FCPS Part 1 medicine exam has Three paper:

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

FCPS Medicine Paper-1 syllabus & preparation 

The first day of FCPS part-1 exam is paper-1 exam. Since the paper-1 test is done on the first day, so the preparation can be done very tightly for paper-1, with concentration and seriousness. All in all, the preparation of Paper-1 is more or less good for everyone. So you have to try to get good marks in Paper-1.

The syllabus of Medicine Paper-1 has seven topics e.g. below following :

  1. Neurology, 
  2. Gastroenterology, 
  3. Hepatology, 
  4. Hematology, 
  5. Genetics, 
  6. General aspects of medical practice, 
  7. Climatic & Environmental factors in diseases and Principles of oncology. 

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Question format of FCPS medicine part 1

No of Question Medicine Paper 1: 

  • Neurology-15
  • Gastroenetrology- 10
  • Hepatology- 5 
  • Hematology- 8 
  • Genetics- 5 
  • General aspects of medical practice-5 
  • Climate & environmental factor in diseases- (1-2)
  • Principles of oncology- (1-2) 

These are all according to the syllabus of BCPS. However, it is common to see that a few questions may come up more or less. For example, 15 questions are supposed to come from neurology, but 16-18 questions are often seen to comeowk from neurology. Again, 3-4 questions may come from Principles of oncology. 

You have to give the most importance while preparing for Paper-1 

Firstly read

  • Neurology, 
  • Gastroenterology, 
  • Hematology 
  • Hepatology 

Next read

  • Genetics 

General aspects of medical practice 

Next read

  • oncology environment 

Neurology preparation for Medicine Part 1

Most of the questions in Paper-1 come from this topic. However, FCPS means clinical, it can not be forgotten, so the question also comes from clinically important topics. 

Such as 

  • Multiple sclerosis, 
  • Parkinson's disease, 
  • Motor neuron disease, 
  • stroke and stroke feature with region, 
  • GBS, 
  • Medullary syndromes, 
  • meningitis, 
  • myasthenia gravis etc. 

In neurology, clinical as well as neuroanatomy and neurophysiology are very important. Of the 15 questions in neurology, 4-5 are come from neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. So when you read from the clinical, you must read by co-relation. 

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Materials for preparation of Medicine Part 1 neurology 

  1. Davidson's principle & practice of medicine 23rd edition (must read, important boxes, important topics with figures read in full) 
  2. Snell's clinical neuroanatomy-Important parts of neuroanatomy such as cerebral hemisphere and area, CSF, spinal cord, basal ganglia, artery supply, venous supply etc. can be seen from Snell's clinical neuroanatomy. 
  3. Ganong/gyton or BRS-Important parts of neurophysiology such as receptor, synaptic transmission, neurotransmitter, special sensory pathways etc. can be seen from Ganong/gyton or BRS. You must see the important boxes of Ganong. If you find Ganong's topic more difficult to read, you can get an idea about that topic from Guyton. 

Gastroenterology preparation for Medicine Paper 1 After neurology

the most important segment is gastroenterology. While reading Neurology may seem a little difficult, Gastroenterology is a little easier than neurology. Important topics must be read in co-relation. 

  • Dismotility disorder of oesophagus, 
  • H. pylori, 
  • PUD, IBD, 
  • Malabsorption syndromes, 
  • pancreatitis etc. are hot topics. 
  • 1st line investigation & treatment, 
  • gold standard investigation & treatment, 
  • most common age & symptom. 
  • GI physiology is very important in gastroenterology. 
  • Know the various reflexes, 
  • GI enzymes & hormones with their actions, 
  • summary of digestion & absorption of carbohydrate, protein & fat etc.

Scenario based questions come more so you have to have an idea about the whole issue of a disease.very well. 

Meterials for Gastroenterology preparation (Medicine Part 1)

  1. Davidson's principle & practice of medicine 23rd edition (must read, summary box, figure, presenting problems, details of important diseases)
  2. GI for physiology Guyton / Ganong / BRS you can see any, which you like to read. - 

Hematology preparation for Medicine Part 1

Hematology is a very important chapter in this book. But it is a very difficult chapter after Neurology. 

  • Anemia, 
  • Leukemia, 
  • Lymphoma, 

Clotting disorder, Myeloproliferative disorder are hot topics. These topics are one but very big, important and there are several issues under them. - 

Materials for Hematology preparation for fcps part 1

  1. Davidson's principles & practice of medicine 23rd edition (must read, summary box, figure, presenting problems, details of important diseases). 
  2. Understand the pathophysiology of the disease from Hoffbrand. 
  3. Rodde physiology (hematology)

Hepatology preparation for Medicine Part 1

  • Cirrhosis with its complication, 
  • Autoimmune hepatitis, 
  • PBC, 
  • PSC, 
  • Jaundice
  • Hepatitis, 
  • details of Hepatitis B virus,
  • HCC, 
  • Hepatic encephalopathy, 
  • ascites, 
  • Hemochromatosis, 
  • Wilson's disease, 
  • Cholangitis etc. are hot topics of hepatology. Also need to look at the physiology of the heptobilliary system.

Materials for Haematology preparation for Medicine Part 1

  1. Davidson's principle & practice of medicine 23rd edition (must read, summary box, figure, presenting problems, details of important diseases). 
  2. Guyton to give physiology reading of hepatobiliary system Details of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C from Lange microbiology have a concrete idea about pathophysiology, window period, serology. These topics cannot be confused. 

Genetics preparation for FCPS part 1

  • AD with feature.
  • AR with feature.
  • XLR with feature.
  • XLD with feature. 
  • DNA / RNA detection techniques such as southern or western blot, NGS etc.
  • Features of mitochondrial inheritance, 
  • coding / non-coding repeated expansion, 
  • Down syndrome, 

  • klinefelter's syndrome, 
  • turner's syndrome, 
  • duchenne muscular dystrophy should also be considered. 

Materials for genetics FCPS part 1 preparation 

  1. Davidson's principle & practice of medicine 23rd edition (must read, summary box, figure, presenting problems, details of important diseases) 
  2. Robbin's, Khaleque pathology, 
  3. ABC of biochemistry, various types of genetic disorders, examples together in davidson note together. 


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