Dr Mahmudul Jassy Hoque, a Bangladeshi physician, is the first Bangladeshi in history to cross the 906 marks in MRCP part-2

Dr Mahmudul Jassy Hoque, a Bangladeshi physician, is the first Bangladeshi in history to cross the 906 marks in MRCP part-2.

dr Mahmudul jassy Hoque
Dr Jassy hoque

Dr Mahmudul jassy Hoque

Dr Jassy Hoque, a Bangladeshi doctor, is the first Bangladeshi in history to cross the 900 mark in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (UK) MRCP Part-2 This time the pass number in MRCP exam was 454. There, Dr Jassy Hoque scored 906 with success. 

It is rare for a difficult exam like MRCP to cross the 900 mark worldwide. Note that Dr Jassy Hoque is currently working in Shariatpur upazila as the 39th BCS (health) cadre. He is a former student of K-66 batch of Dhaka Medical College(DMC). Note that before studying medicine, he was first admitted to BUET(54th). This meritorious doctor got the opportunity to study at Dhaka Medical College for a second time after one year. For his rare achievement as a Bangladeshi physician in an international and world-class examination like MRCP in the United Kingdom, 

Congratulations to Dr Jassy Hoque from Doctors Gang . 

Dr Mahmud has said about Dr Jassy Hoque : 

  • The first time, I saw Dr Jassy Hoque I thought he had a problem with his head. The preparation didn't go well, so don't sit in second place. He did not sit down. The next time, I sat down it was history.
  •  The posting of the boy 3 years younger than me is now in Shariatpur. I know, in a few days, this guy will be disgusted with the system, or England will call him. We will lose another immense talent. 
  • She is rumored to be the first in the beauty pageant in this country, but we will soon forget that one of our sons was the first in the world to undergo an important medical examination. 
  • The success of my juniors Dr Jassy Hoque in MRCP and PLAB exams in the last couple of years no longer makes me happy, it scares me. 
  • All the talents are going abroad, we can't keep them in our system .... If anything happens to me/us, where will I/we go in this country in my/our old age? Who do I go to in situation?

Dr Jassy hoque Facebook profile (ডাঃ জেসি হক) 

BCS guidelines for Doctors


  1. Probably because of our 3rd class system he may not pass FCPS.

  2. I really want to thank the author for such a nice blog that helped me to understand why it is important. MRCP Part 2 Syllabus

    1. All Information about MRCP

  3. আমার মা খুব অসুস্থ প্লিজ ডাঃ মাহমুদুল হক জেসি স্যারের সাথে কন্টাক্ট করার জন্যি সহযোগিতা করুন প্লিজ স্যার।

    1. Dr Mahmudull Hoque jessy vai ar Facebook profile link deoya ase. Tar profile a giye comment korun or message korun.
      Ar apnar details deoya nei, jessy vaike info deoyar moto introduction denni apni.
      Thank you brother.


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