Video of woman tortured triggers mass in Noakhali, Doctors Gang News

In Noakhali, a housewife was stripped naked and brutally tortured

A group of local youths have molested a housewife in Noakhali's Begumganj upazila. They recorded a video of the woman undressing. The incident took place in Ward No. 9 of Eklashpur Union in the upazila on September 2.

noakhali begumganj  news today

Noakhali begumganj news

The matter came to light on Sunday (October 4), 32 days after the incident. Police have arrested a young man named Rahim involved in the incident after the video went viral on social media including Facebook since this morning.

According to local sources, the victim's housewife got married three years ago. The husband left her and remarried and lived elsewhere. She had no contact with her husband for a long time. September 2 on night, her husband came to see her. When the drug dealer came to know about the local Delwar, he led the area, Rahim, Badal,

Kalam and his accomplices allegedly tortured the housewife along with her husband. At one stage, they captured a video of the woman undressing.

The video was spread on various social media including Facebook on Sunday (October 4) morning, 32 days after the incident. After watching the video footage of one minute and 23 seconds, many people are condemning on social media and demanding exemplary punishment for the perpetrators.

The victim's housewife's father said, "I am an innocent man." I do not dare to speak for fear of terrorists. I just want justice from God.

Acting chairman of Eklashpur Union Parishad Feroz Alam Bhuiyan demanded arrest of those involved in the heinous incident.

Noakhali Police Super Md. Alamgir Hossain said that no one involved in the incident of torturing the housewife will be released. Five units of the district police are working in the field to arrest the accused and provide legal assistance to the victim's family. One person has been arrested in the incident.

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