US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen is coming to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Stephen E Beagan, US deputy secretary of state, is coming to Bangladesh.      

US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen E. Began

US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen E. Beagan is arriving in Dhaka on Wednesday afternoon for a three-day visit.

On the first day of the visit this evening at a hotel in the capital Stephen Bangladesh State Minister for Foreign Affairs. He will have a formal meeting with Shahriar Alam. On the second day of the visit, the US Deputy Secretary of State will pay a courtesy call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday.

Stephen is also scheduled to meet Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen on the same day. Stephen Beagan will also exchange views with civil society and the media.

Diplomatic sources said that in the context of geopolitical and strategic cooperation, Bangladesh's involvement in Indo-Pacific strategy, sustainable solution of Rohingya problem and cooperation in tackling Kovid-19 will be of special importance in the talks.

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Commenting on the US Deputy Secretary of State's visit, Secretary of State AK Abdul Momen said on Monday, "They (the United States) will talk about the Indo-Pacific. We have no objection to this. We would say that in order to increase its effectiveness, they (the United States) must also come forward to invest in infrastructure. They need to make financial investments. Not just by word of mouth. They did not issue visas to Bangladeshi students admitted to study in the United States. But India and Pakistan have given visas to students. Such behavior is discriminatory. We will raise this issue as well. '

Senior State Department officials told this correspondent that it was clear during Stephen Bigan's visit to Dhaka that the United States was attaching special importance to Bangladesh in establishing strategic relations.

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