United States election Who will get the 'margin of error' of the survey?

Margin of error

Trump and Biden election 2020 news

The upcoming US election is facing various adversities including corona virus. Even then, 80 percent of the total registered voters are expected to vote. The mail has already begun to read more votes than at any time in the past. Of these, about one crore voters have voted by post or in advance. Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading in any poll. Being ahead in opinion polls alone does not guarantee Biden's presidency. That's why the US election has already become, so tense. This tension has been exacerbated by various statements made by President Donald Trump. These include skepticism in advance about the large number of postal votes in the election, the lack of a clear commitment to accept the election results. For all these reasons, there is no shortage of excitement over the election talks. Every election in the United States depends on the poll. All eyes are now on a few sentences from the poll. The results of each survey are accompanied by the words, 'margin of errorr and 'if the election is held today ....” Two weeks before the 2016 national election, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was leading in almost all major polls in the United States. This time too, Joe Biden is ahead with an average of 10 percent of the population. Every opinion poll says that if the election is held today, he will win by a majority of votes. Advertising In states known as battleground states, a few thousand votes could change the face of an entire election. Eighty percent of the total electorate is expected to vote. The question is, how will they share their votes across these 80 percent country Getting more votes, meanwhile, does not guarantee that you will be elected President of the United States. Evidence of this has also been seen in 2016 elections. Although Hillary Clinton received more votes, Donald Trump won the presidency in the electoral vote. That's when the word, 'margin of error' mentioned in all the polls came to the fore. In states known as battleground states, a few thousand votes could change the face of an entire election. Eighty percent of the total electorate is expected to vote. The question is, how will they share their votes across these 80 percent country? If you look at the US election map, most of the 50 states have turned red. The majority of Republican voters in these states. The colors of populated New York and the state of California changed the color of Republicans to this wide red. In addition, it is certain that Trump will fall behind in the popular vote. With November 3 approaching, the eyes of Trump supporters are no longer on the whole country. Their focus is now on just a few states. Their main concern is to keep the winning trend in these states or to keep Trump ahead at least a little. Known as the Republican States of Texas, Georgia and Iowa. Public opinion shows that these states are leaning towards the Democrats this time. Trump's dream of staying in the White House will be shattered if these states lose even a few votes. Florida, North Carolina and Ohio are now known as Battlegrounds or Swing States. The positions of the two candidates in these states are quite close. It is difficult to say who will get the word "margin of error" here. Advertising Even if Biden loses in one of these states, it could be difficult for him to get 270 electoral votes. 

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After Franklin Roosevelt in 1944, no incumbent president could remain in the White House without being elected to Ohio. In these states, it is not up to the people to take part in the polls, it is up to them to decide which party will be able to get more voters at the polls. At home, people hope that their favorite candidate will win. President Trump and Joe Biden are running in Florida and Pennsylvania. In the election campaign, they are carrying out known attacks against each other. Donald Trump won in 2016 in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. This time, if these three states lose, Trump's dream of being elected will be shattered. Even in these states, there may be a slight vote gap between the two candidates. Joe Biden's campaign camp has deployed all its forces to stop Trump in these states. Winning states like Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada and Colorado have also important for Trump. In this way, by winning the Electoral College, Trump can make up for the loss in a marked base. What could happen again in 2016  history repeats itself and will happen, Republicans and Trump lovers are heard to say. The expectation of supporters of the Democratic Party, including those who dislike President Donald Trump, is that history will not repeat itself. However, they believe that they should vote for Joe Biden to prevent a recurrence. It is feared that all the polls will be proved wrong again if this party does not fulfill its responsibility to vote equally in all the states of the country.

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