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Insurance sector in higher position in the stock market

Shares of most insurance companies rise on Tuesday.   48 insurance companies traded on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) yesterday, 31 were up. In terms of transactions, the insurance sector accounted for about 29 percent of the total transactions in the Dhaka market. The insurance sector has been dominating the market for some time now.

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According to the DSE, five of the top 10 companies traded in the major markets yesterday were in the insurance sector. The companies are Nitol Insurance, Sandhani Insurance, Eastland Insurance, Express Insurance and Karnafuli Insurance. Among the five companies, Express Insurance, Karnafuli Insurance and Nitol Insurance were also in the list of top 10 companies. All in all, the insurance sector held its position in Daputa yesterday in both transactions and price increases.

Market insiders say a large number of investors have been interested in the insurance sector for some time. Many institutional and individual highly wealthy investors have invested heavily in this sector. Thus, insurance companies have little capital. If a large investment is made in a company in this sector, it creates a crisis in the market share. Due to this, the price also continues to rise. This has been happening in the insurance sector for quite some time. Almost all the insurance companies had a turnover of over Tk 245 crore on the DSE yesterday, which is about 29 per cent of the total transactions on the DSE.

Despite the dominance of the insurance sector in the Dhaka market yesterday, both the index and the transaction declined. Because, most of the companies with big capital have lost their bids on this day. The main index of DSE fell 21 points to 4,982 points yesterday. At the end of the day, the transaction volume in the Dhaka market was 653 crore, which is 26 crore less than the previous day.

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Shares fall in news of MD's arrest

Abdur Razzak, founder and managing director of JMI Group, has been arrested in connection with the coronal mask scandal. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) arrested him from the capital's Segunbagicha yesterday afternoon. Shares of JMI Syringe, a JMI Group company, fell in the news.

The company's share price fell 3 percent or more than 10 rupees at the end of the day. Although the day started with a share price increase. But in the afternoon, when the news of the arrest of the chairman of the company was spread, the share price fell. Yesterday, the company's share price fell to 263 rupees.

Meanwhile, another JMI Group company, JMI Hospital Request Manufacturing Company, also showed interest in entering the stock market. The company applied to the stock market in a bookbuilding manner. But BSEC found various inconsistencies in the company's financial report. For this reason, the application of the company to raise money by leaving the shares in the stock market through book building method was rejected.

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