Strict restrictions in England to prevent the second wave of corona

Strict restrictions in England to prevent the second wave of corona

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Doctors Gang Desk: Strict restrictions have been imposed in England due to the widespread spread of coronavirus disease  in the second wave. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed a three-tier lockdown in the whole country, effective Wednesday.

He made the announcement in a speech to the white House  on Monday to control the epidemic.

He said it was not possible to impose a nation wide lockdown in the second wave, adding that the country's economy and children's inability to go to school caused huge damage to education.

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He also said that the ongoing corona epidemic has shown evidence of saving lives by changing the way of life.

Explaining the three-tier ban, Boris Johnson said moderate bans would be introduced in some areas. This condition can be effective in most parts of the country.

How the three levels of prohibition will work

He said the country's current measures to deal with the moderate ban on corona and the ban on gatherings of more than six people and the curfew would continue till 10 pm.

In addition, high levels of poisoning have been set to prevent transmission from one house to another. Under this, the neighbors will not be able to take part in the domestic affairs of any family.

In addition, most of the areas covered by local restrictions will be subject to the highest level of restrictions. It will not be possible to gather in private gardens as well as domestic ceremonies. All types of bars and pubs will be closed in these areas.

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