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Sex education 2020 | Doctors Gang Venerology

Sex education and venerology   

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What are the sexual functions of men?

1. Sexual desire (sexual willingness) to be awakened, II. Erectile dysfunction l, which is due to increased blood flow to the penis or for proper movement of penis, 3. Ejaculation of semen as needed  by the penis. However, another cause related to it can be known, and that is the relaxation of the penis. Among these, erectile dysfunction is identified as the most serious  problem. The problem can be due to many reasons. A big reason for this is psychological reason.   It can also be caused by a lack of some hormones or a disease of the brain. Narrowing of the blood vessels in the penis or inability to hold enough blood in the veins of penis also gives rise to such problems.

আরো পড়ুন : রংপুরের সকল বিশেষজ্ঞ ডাক্তার লিস্ট একসাথে

2.Rapid ejaculation is a common problem for huge men. Eighty percent of people suffer from (premature ejaculatuon) this problem. The major  causes of porn addiction, excessive masturbation and anxiety disorder 

3. Sexual problems also include nightmares.Change position during sexual  intercourse. Something new can make attention more exciting. Also pay attention to the needs of the partner. There is no reason to be ashamed of the partner's dominance during sexual  intercourse. Breathing slowly will make u feel less active, so the body will be more suitable for long term sexual intercourse. Treatment of sexual dysfunction depends on the cause of the sexual  disease. If the problem of erection of the penis is due to a specific disease, then that disease must be treated. However, the disease usually requires some additional medication. Tell your  physician openly without hiding your sexual problem, and he or she will be able to suggest a best solution. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to use medicines according to the symptoms. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the solution to any type of sexual problem lies in proper treatment of the disease and its symptoms. So do not leave the disease in the body and tell the doctor openly.

These five reasons reduce sex power
Sex education

It is normal for an adult male to have sexual desire. But nowadays we are surrounded by so much adultery and laziness that it is not uncommon for sexual ability to decline.

Once upon a time, a man's sexual ability was intact even in his 50s and 60s, but now when he reaches the age of 30, everyone starts losing his sexual desire and energy. Aren't we responsible for this?

Things that are reducing your sexual ability

1. Smoking and drinking

Day by day, smoking has become as normal as breathing, and drinking has become aristocratic. At the same time, many are becoming addicted to more deadly medication.  

Studies have shown that most men who have edema or erectile dysfunction are more likely to smoke or drink alcohol.

2. Anxiety

The man's life partner is no longer his wife but his worries. It gradually destroys the normal functioning of your body which does not exclude sexual ability.

3. Weight control

If you are overweight, the desire for sexual intercourse also decreases. So you think it is better to lose weight? Not even that. Reduction of Weight will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

4. Do not exe rise 

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have higher sexual performance than others. Exercising regularly also increases the amount of blood circulation in the body which helps in increasing your sexual desire.

5. Medication:  

Many people take drugs that are more or less known to everyone. However, there are some medications (such as painkillers, contraceptives) that have side effects that reduce your sexual ability

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Easy solution to sexual problems:

The problem that is evident to older men and women is sexual problems. These include sexual weakness, reluctance to have sex, erectile dysfunction, rapid ejaculation, nightmares, fear of sex, infertility, etc. For these reasons, couples suffer from emotional disturbance. Many people, both unmarried & married, who have never had sex, seek medical attention for this problem. Most of the people are shy, hesitant, fearful of public shame and many are deprived of real information due to public shame, just as this problem has taken root in the society due to the prevailing superstitions. Both men and women can be affected by sexual dysfunction Such as premature ejaculation, but since the role of women in sexual activity is more indirect, men are more concerned about this sexual problem.

To get rid of nightmares, follow these steps:

The first of the ways and means to get rid of nightmares is to keep your ideas & Thought  clear at all times. Try your best to keep your mind under control. Walk with polite,  honest and good people. Along with all this, it is more important to keep food and stomach well. Eat more spicy foods, foods that foods are digested slowly, as little as possible. Such as meat, kebabs,drink coffee, eggplant,  eggs, drink more tea, drink coffee, eggplant, lentils, etc. Eat less, especially at night, and eat at least two hours before sleep . Do not drink too much water or liquid and tea before bedtime. Need to urinate before going to bed. Excess Urine accumulates in the urinary bladder and helps in nightmares.It is not advisable to sleep in a soft and warm bed. Instead, sleep in a room where air & light enter. Sleeping on your back is also helpful to have nightmares. If you urinate on the past night , get up and urinate in time.   It is beneficial to take a bath in summer when it is hot at night and if the mood is hot. People with nightmares should never use any kind of ointment or massage on the penis while sleeping.Otherwise, the extent of nightmares is probably going to extend. The person affected by nightmares will describe the condition of his stomach to the doctor or physician before the treatment of nightmares. Do not use the other medicine without the recommendation of a physician or doctor during treatment. People affected by this disease shouldn't eat raw onion at dinner. Otherwise, there'll be nightmares tonight. Don, 't use tobacco, bidis, cigarettes. If you're wont to drinking these, then gradually provides it up. Tobacco is more harmful to the brain and semen of human. Even as poison harms people, tobacco harms people quite that. If it's taken in small doses, the reaction is seen. Weakening of the entire body, sweating, dizziness, vomiting, seeing mustard flowers within the eyes, poor eyesight, deafness, burning hands and feet, difficulty in breathing, poor digestion, and even self-forgetfulness. Excessive use of tobacco can cause loss of appetite and sexual energy. The heartbeat tends to extend. There are more such diseases which are very harmful to a healthy person. Children of smokers also are vulnerable. Sex and Skin specialist doctor list in Dhaka

Things you got to know to be happy in sex life: 

From all the research data including biology, psychology, sociocultural, it's known that sexuality has an impact on human life and mind. Therefore, it is often said with none doubt that sexes features a huge role on the human psyche. Arousal in women and men doesn, 't start at an equivalent time. Women's arousal is lighter and slower than men's and should last longer. That is, when a woman's sexual response is generated, its permanence lasts longer than a man's arousal and permanence. What percentage senses or genitals work extensively for the arousal of men and ladies. The most genitalia of a person is his penis, and it's the external and main genitalia of a person. Men haven't any genitals like women. Within the male scrotum, semen and sperm are produced. During sexual activity, this sperm comes out of the male penis through semen and therefore, the male gains' orgasm. In general, many men are always worried about the dimensions of the penis. Yet, it's a comparatively unreasonable and pointless sexual thought. The dimensions of the male penis, especially within the SAARC region of Asia, the typical length of the male penis is 5 to five inches. However, in many cases, there could also be exceptions, like — the length of the penis of some people are 6 to eight inches, while the length of the penis of many people are often 4 to 5 inches (10.16 cm). Successful sex is feasible through both sexes. Because of the most focus of a man's arousal is his penis. Women have external genitalia and internal genitalia. The clitoris or clitoris is the most sexually sensitive a part of a woman's external genitalia. Men can make a lady sexually aroused by touching her genitals before sexual activity. Both men and ladies have higher vital sign during arousal. Pulse in man is 100 to 185 beats per minute and in women it is often 80 to 150 beats per minute. The last stage of the joint arousal of men and ladies is the climax. At this point the person ejaculates and therefore, the woman gets orgasm or orgasm. It also helps to scale back sexual tension physically. Physical and mental instability of men and ladies increases during orgasm, and it decreases absolutely after orgasm. However, the items that are usually required for the sex of both men and ladies are — the normality of both sex hormones, the moisture of the vagina of the lady, the firmness and proper erection of the male sex and particularly the concupiscence and attraction towards both. The male steroid hormone is testosterone and therefore, the female steroid hormone is estrogen. Usually, the sex hormones of men and ladies are highest within the body towards the top of the night, and for this, sexual attraction and sexual ability may be a little higher within the morning. So at this point sexual activity is a safe and satisfying. In time of life, men and ladies are more attracted and demanding towards sex. From adolescence to puberty, both men and ladies remain sexually active until the age of 40-50. However, in time of life, the attraction towards sex is comparatively high. A woman's menopause begins during menopause. This makes many ladies indifferent to sex. In our country, women are seen to be sexually inactive after the menopause in age of 45. Men are found to be sexually capable around this point or maybe after the age of fifty. The rationale for the decrease in concupiscence as an individual gets older is the decrease in sex hormones. However, thanks to various physical and mental reasons, the concupiscence and sexual energy of men and ladies are often reduced. Physical illnesses like arthritis, high vital sign, diabetes, and cancer affect sexuality. Similarly, various mental illnesses can destroy concupiscence and skill and may affect both men and ladies. In some cases, problems with the peripheral nervous system , circulatory system, and genitals can interfere with sexual function. Sexual dysfunction is often caused by problems with both men and ladies. Diabetes can cause a spread of sexual problems in men and ladies.

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Natural way to increase sexual potency or sexual energy. 

Medicinal techniques and psychological treatments with side effects to extend sexual energy are now almost obsolete. Nowadays, natural aphrodisiacs or sex enhancers are considered to be far more effective in increasing sexual energy. So so as to be sexually slot in married life, you would like to pay full attention to your daily diet. Because a cheerful married life requires an honest understanding between husband and wife also as a healthy sex life. However, it's often seen that sexual problems cause unrest within the family and even cause separation. So albeit you're careful beforehand, you'll not face such a situation. you do not need any quite medicine to extend your sexual energy, daily nutritious food is enough. Put regular milk, eggs and honey on your food menu and live a daily life, then don't suffer from sexual weakness.

How to increase sex power


Eegg may be a wonderful food to beat sexual weakness and increase arousal. Every morning, you'll boil one egg a minimum of 5 days every week and eat it. this may solve your sexual weakness. Milk: Natural foods that are high in animal fats improve your sex life. for instance, pure milk, milk cream, butter, etc. most of the people want to avoid fatty foods. But if you would like to extend the quantity of sex hormones produced within the body, then you would like tons of fatty foods. But all must be saturated fat and natural fat. 

Honey: Everyone knows more or less about the advantages of honey to unravel sexual weakness. So to extend sexual energy, drink 1 glass of predicament mixed with 1 teaspoon of pure honey a minimum of 3/4 days hebdomadally.

Garlic: If you've got sexual problems, make it a habit to eat garlic regularly now. From time out of mind, the nutritional value of garlic has been universally acknowledged to extend arousal in both men and ladies and to stay the genitals fully active. Garlic contains an ingredient called allicin which increases blood flow to the sexual organs.

Coffee: Coffee plays a crucial role in increasing your concupiscence. The caffeine in coffee keeps sexual mood more effective. 

Nutmeg: Studies have shown that a sort of aphrodisiac compound is secreted from nutmeg. generally, this compound (aphorodisiac) stimulates nerve cells and raise blood circulation. As a result your concupiscence increases. you'll eat nutmeg mixed with coffee, then the 2 work together.

Chocolate: Chocolate always features a relationship amorously and sex. It contains phenylethylamine (PEA) and serotonin. These two substances also are in our brain. These help to extend arousal and energy levels within the body. Anandamide together with PEA helps in reaching orgasm.


Banana contains vitamins A, vitamins B, vitamin C and potassium. B-complex vitamin and potassium increase the assembly of sex juice within the physical body. And there's bromelian in banana. Which also helps to extend the extent of testosterone within the body. And in particular, bananas contain tons of sugars that increase your body's energy. As a result, albeit you've got sex for an extended time, you'll not get tired.

Vitamin C containing Fruits: If you would like to take care of good sexual health, put colorful fruits on your food list per day. Fruits like grapes, watermelons, and peaches, oranges, lemons etc. are extremely beneficial for increasing sexual potency. Studies have shown that having a minimum of 200 mg of vitamin C during a man's daily diet improves his sperm quality. Among these, the effect of watermelon is more effective to increase sexual energy. Many have compared watermelon to the sexually stimulating drug Viagra.

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Beef: Beef contains tons of zinc. So you eat low fat beef to form your sex life more colorful. for instance, beef shoulder meat, leg meat has less fat and more zinc. Meat contains 10 mg of zinc per 100 gm. 

Foods to extend sexual potency

Everyone wants a healthy and happy sex life. Even so, owning one remains beyond the reach of the usual person. In many cases, this leads to separation. Problems with sexual dysfunction like low ejaculation, ejaculation and lack of drive between couples are now very deep. many of us take various medicines to beat this problem. However, it's impossible to require these drugs without the recommendation of a doctor.

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Eat some natural foods which will help increase your sexual potency or desire to beat physical sexual dysfunction. These foods are very beneficial in enabling sexual dysfunction also as supplying various nutrients to the body.

Here's an inventory of foods which will help increase sexual potency or desire:


The importance of milk in maintaining sexual potency is immense. The animal-fat in it's very helpful in increasing sexual ability. If you would like to extend the quantity of sex hormones within the body, you would like to eat more fatty foods. Such as- pure milk, skim milk, butter etc. However, these fatty foods are natural and saturated fats. Goat's milk especially helps increase male sexual potency.


Cardamom is named a romantic spice. Because it's aphrodisiac properties, it helps to extend concupiscence. Cardamom oil massage enhances romance. additionally, eating cardamom as a tea and occasional is useful to eliminate impotence.


Although many of us don't wish to eat, broccoli is one among the foremost necessary and beneficial vegetables. It contains tons of vitamin-C, which keeps the blood flow to the genitals normal. Because vitamin C maintains the flow of blood within the body. Broccoli plays a really effective role in maintaining the free flow of blood to the organs during sexual activity.


Bananas are rich in vitamins A, B, C and potassium, which increase the sexual ability of the physical body. The enzyme called bromelain in it increases the quantity of male steroid hormone testosterone and increases libido in men. Potassium and vitamins increase the extent of blood circulation within the body and increase the energy state of the body.


Eggs are a really beneficial food for sexual health. It contains tons of protein which helps to stay hormone levels right and reduce stress. Eating an egg daily morning will increase physical strength and sexual ability.


Honey is an extract of thousands of flowers and seeds, which is extremely useful and therefore the best ingredient to extend concupiscence and retain youth. So eat 1 teaspoon of honey three to four days every week within the morning.


Garlic has long been wont to treat sexual problems. So if you furthermore may have sexual problems, start eating 1 clove of garlic a day. Garlic helps to extend arousal and keep the genitals active in both men and ladies. additionally, garlic contains allicin, which regulates blood flow to the sexual organs.


Oysters are a really useful food to retain sexual potency and make sex life enjoyable. It contains tons of calcium and zinc which increases the amount of sperm and increases concupiscence. consistent with a study, Romans eat 50 raw oysters every morning.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate may be a well-known aphrodisiac that enhances arousal. The phenylethylamine component in it helps to extend this stimulus. It contains tons of calories that increase sexual potency. So make it a habit to eat 1 to 2 pieces of bittersweet chocolate a day.

Beets and carrots:

Eat beets and carrots a day to enhance genital health during a natural way. Beets contain tons of nitrates which dilate the blood vessels of the penis. And carrots are rich in vitamin A, which increases sperm count and helps maintain progesterone levels.

Nuts and seeds:

Cholesterol levels are essential for the right functioning of the sex hormones. Almonds or seeds contain tons of essential monounsaturated fats which help the body make cholesterol. Seed foods like pumpkin seeds contain tons of zinc which keeps the prostate healthy. also as making sperm and helping to form the hormone testosterone. So to stay your sex life healthy, make it a habit to eat pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, china nuts, cashew nuts, pesto nuts, etc. every day.

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