Electoral activities of Trump and Biden in United States

Electoral activities of two candidates in the States of USA 

Trump Biden Debate
Trump and Biden

Trump Biden News

In the United States, the day of the presidential election is approaching, with only three weeks to go, so the three states that will decide the fate of the two candidates, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, have begun a two-party campaign.

After his illness, President Trump first began campaigning in Florida. He said corrupt political parties, desperate to return to power at any cost, were now blocking their way.

He blamed Joe Biden for the international extremists who controlled him and turned the Democratic Party into a socialist, Marxist and leftist extremist group. He said the president's test results were "negative" for two days, but did not specify which days his doctors' assessment was that he would not infect others.

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Joe Biden, meanwhile, began campaigning in another state, Ohio. Joe Biden said union car workers saw the Corona crisis, economic catastrophe and racial inequality.

In a recent poll by Real Clear Politics, Joe Biden is comfortably 6 points ahead of Pennsylvania, a state that is particularly important for both parties to win the election.

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