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Concerned about dandruff? Then find out the unknown information about dandruff.

Way to get rid of dandruff

Talking to a dermatologist. In the sweltering heat, the palm of the head becomes sweaty. With this, most people apply oil on the scalp and shampoo for 1/2 day a week. This increases the risk of scalp infections (usualy  fungal infection )  of the head. Many people apply hot oil on the scalp to reduce dandruff, which increases dandruff instead of reducing it, said physician. 

If we want to prevent dandruff, we have to follow the rules of applying oil on the scalp of head. Apply oil one hour (30 minutes) before bathing and then wash it with shampoo. To keep the head clean, physician  advised to  ketoconazole shampoo regularly for three day per week. Dandruff is a skin problem. According to doctors, it is called tinea capitis.

If you have a small amount of dandruff, you can prevent it by keeping your head clean. But when the problem of dandruff becomes long duration , it is important to see a doctor. Dermatologist Dr said. Many times the skin peels off the scalp as a symptom of complex skin diseases. Beneath the skin is a type of gland which is called the sebaceous gland. An oily substance called sebum comes out of sebaceous gland  and helps to keep our hair and skin soft and smooth.

In dry weather during winter, some people increase their sebum secretion and raise the problem of dandruff. Softly rubbing oil on scalp makes the problem worse. Adolescents undergo various changes in their body, for which many hormones are active. And this is why dandruff and acne are more common in young person.

Noman Islam Nirab said that although seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema or contact dermatitis, dry skin like dandruff grows from the head. A specialist doctor can understand whether the disease is really dandruff or another disease. Dandruff is not contagious. However, if there is an infection in the head, it can spread. So it is not advisable to comb the hair with the comb used by others.

Sudip said that a dandruff shampoo called ketoconazole is available. This shampoo should be done once a week. The other day the hair should be washed with ordinary shampoo. Shampoo at least three days a week. If the head is clean, there will be no problem of dandruff. In addition to dealing with dandruff, you should also shampoo every other day. If you want to apply oil on the head, you can apply oil before shampooing. If the scalp is very dry, a little coconut oil can be applied. However, in case of excessive dandruff, some drugs of iso-tretinoin group may have to be taken.

In case of chronic dandruff, other medicines including antifungal drugs should be used.

It is important to see a doctor if the dandruff does not go away even after cleansing the head with shampoo (one day ketoconazole) three days a week. Cutting the hair short and keeping it clean will not increase the problem of dandruff.

Before the festival, if you want to get rid of persistent dandruff, you should take the advice of a dermatologist immediately. However, the  recent anti-dandruff shampoos on the market contain sulfur and zinc. In the beginning all this can be done to decrease the scaling of the scalp. But in case of chronic dandruff, other medicines including antifungal medication  must be used on the advice of a dermatologist or registered physician . as if it looks like dandruff, it may never sometimes   be dandruff , many times the scalp becomes peels and dry.

In this case, if you wash with oil 30 minutes before bathing, the feeling of dryness goes away. Although the disease is like psoriasis /dermatitis on the head, the skin grows like dandruff. So to get rid of the problem or disease , you must consult a dermatologist without using the current cosmetics on the market.

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