Donald Trump's new strategy on US politics.

The White House will give free antidote Against covid-19  to Americans! Trump's strategy to defend the masnad?

Collins compares the "Sputnik V" with the deadly "Russian roulette."

The White House will give antidote Against covid-19 to Americans! Trump's new strategy?

USA news: No negligence on security. The effective Corona antidote will be delivered to all Americans for free. Paul Mango, a senior US health official, made the announcement on Thursday.

So far, the White House has poured money into that Corona antidote. Francis Collins, director of the country's National Institutes of Health, is hopeful that at least one of those vaccines will produce the expected results before the end of this year. However, the US is reluctant to have any shortcomings in the evaluation of the vaccine.

Once the vaccine is created, it will reach the hands of every American, relying on public and private insurers. The US administration will ensure that everyone gets free corona antidote. Such an indication came from Mill Mango. The United States aims to make about 100 million corona antidotes by January 2021, Mango said.

But critics of Trump say he has other intentions. The US presidential election is in November. Trump wants to cross the voting barrier with the help of vaccine. Although he did not let Mango stand still. Like Space, Corona has previously registered a ban on "First Boy" Russia. But America is vocal in its criticism of "Sputnik V". Earlier, US infectious disease specialist Anthony Fawcett had expressed concern about the Russian vaccine. Collins went one step further and compared "Sputnik V" to the deadly "Russian Roulette".

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