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Mission FCPS in Medicine

FCPS Guidelines

Many have questioned - how to read without coaching.

I am a medium quality student. I have passed with hard work and luck. There is no way to say it will happen to everyone.

However, I wrote this post based on the way I read it. Those who have questions may find it useful.

FCPS Part 1 Criteria and Marking System

1. Medicine -

A. There is only one book - Davidson's Principle and Practice of Medicine.

B. At the beginning of each chapter, the part of Anatomy Physiology has to be scrapped.

C. Most diseases do not require treatment. However, this is written in the drugs of many diseases. For example - 'Drug of Choice', 'Drug of Choice in Fast Attack', 'Drug When Sin is Involved' - these places need to be memorized.

D. Surgical diseases (such as cholecystitis, appendicitis, PLID) will work even if you don't read them.

E. There are small chapters like Medical Ethics, Critical Care, Genetics, Therapeutics. These chapters need to be memorized. Quite packed cochineal comes from here.

F. The thing is, 80% of Davidsons need to be read and read over and over again. Each time you give a revision, your marks will increase by 5.

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2. Physiology

A. It would be great if you could drop the gang. FCPS released a few singles bests in January 2016. However, since the book is complex, it takes time to read. I will not suggest if time is short.

B. It can be read from the book that was read earlier. Since FCPS is a test of concept, it is important to clear the concept.

C. I quite dislike the book Vision Physiology. I am a student of the weaker species. Even so, the book seemed quite confusing to me.

D. There is an excellent book called 'Sambulingam Essentials of Physiology'. That book will come in handy. Books written by two Indian authors. It is not a matter of reading the whole book in 7 days. Those who want to start anew can read this. The concept would be deadly. I guarantee.

E. Some concepts of physiology will still remain in the fog. Such as lung mechanics, intracellular signaling, fluid mechanics. There is a wonderful book to read. Name 'BRS Physiology'. Reading a few (not more, 8/10 pages) pages from this book will clear up many complex concepts.

F. Last but not least - no matter which book you read physiology from, you must read the box of Ganung (especially these four systems - CVS, endocrine, renal, respiratory) for good preparation. It's a must.

G. If you still have confusion, you can contact me. I will help you as much as I can.

3. Microbiology

Very vital subject. This is Paper Three's game changer.

A. Bacteriology, virology, mycology should be fried.

B. Many will say that the selected viscera / bacteria should be read. I will say, 'No'. Read all of the virus bacteria. Read the details. Read what it looks like, what the character is, what the disease is. Read Davidson's Infections and Lange's microcirculation. Micro is the place to raise Marx. So you should not take the risk.

C. It is very normal to forget to read the micro. So you have to read it again and again.

D. It was advised not to drop the micro together too much. First read the whole Lange + Davidson by painting it well. Then for the last three months every day (i repeat - every day) read the micro one and a half hours and give revision. Read less. Will come in handy. If you read too much together, you will fall into despair. I read too. You will see that all the information is confused. So proceed slowly.

E. Parasitology - not all. It is enough to read from Khaleq Sir's book.

F. Even after doing so much, you will see a week before the exam, everything is confused. Don't be afraid. If you see the question, you will remember everything.

4. Immunology

A. The immunology part of Lange Microbiology  should be thoroughly scrubbed.

B. With part of Davidson's immunology.

C. Diameter, 8 Marx confirms.

D. Even then, if anyone was interested, it was suggested to read the immunology of 'Robbins Pathology'.

5. Oncology

There is no question of oncology in any 21st century experiment - it is unfair to think so. In January 2016, 10% marks in Paper One came only from Oncology.

A. Davidson's 8/10 page must be dropped.

B. A few boxes of Robbins Pathology  (Paraneuplastic Syndrome + Tumor Marker + Exposure and Cancer + Carcinogen) should be dropped.

C. Basic oncology is not required. However, if interested, it can be dropped from Robbins. Very funny once you understand.

6. Genetics

A. Davidson's Genetics Mast, along with a few Robbins leaves.

B. Dominant, recessive disease names (have simple formulas) to remember.

C. Inheritance patterns need to be understood very well.

D. That's enough. But beyond that comes the question. In January 2016, some questions came up (for example - Chromatid structure, translocation). To understand these, one can read the genetics chapter of Lippincott Biochemistry. More complicated. No need to understand. But it's fun to understand. Very fun. Draw and pick up Marx.

7. Biostatistics

Paper Two's game changer. In fact, it is a game changer for the whole Part One.

A. I made a sheet of 25 pages by adding something to a note of Dilip Sarkar Dada. If you read that, I hope 80% marks are confirmed.  

Career guidelines for Bangladeshi doctors, career after mbbs in Bangladesh.      

8. Biochemistry

A. The metabolism part should be well understood from the book ABC Biochemistry.   

9. Pharmacology

A. What Davidson has is enough.  

B. These chapters can then be read from Lippincott Pharma (Vision also works) - Autonomic Pharma, CVS, Anti Psychotic, Renal Pharma.

10. Neuroanatomy

Very urgent Very urgent

A. You have to read a few chapters of Snell. These are - cranial nerves, cerebellum, basal ganglia (part and function only), limbic system (part and function only), ventricular system, blood supply, spinal cord, autonomic nervous system cortex area.

B. If the concept of neuroanatomy is clear, you can get marks in neuromedicine and neuro physiology with the same reading.

11. MCQ book

You have to buy a small book - 'Raddy Physiology'.

You have to read three chapters from this book. 'CVS, recipe, endocrine'. Diameter.

Ask some questions about FCPS degree  -

1. Matrix / Impulse Buy a guide?

A. It is better not to buy these for FCPS. However, to understand the pattern of the question can be borrowed from someone for 1 week.

2. How important a partner is

Answer - very urgent. If necessary, kidnap someone and make a partner. I didn't have a partner. So I had to work hard.

3. It takes a few days to prepare

Answer - 6 months is enough if you read 8/10 hours every day.

PS1 - This is Pure FCPS Preparation. If you follow it for MD, you will be in danger. 

FCPS Part 1 Criteria and Marking System

Author :

Dr.alim al Razy

Rewrite/translated by Noman Islam Nirob   

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