UNO Wahida's improvement, Doctors Gang News

UNO wahida is recovering  quickly said physician 

Wahida Khanam, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Ghoraghat in Dinajpur, who was seriously injured within the attack, is during a stable condition. returning from such a brief period of your time in such a brief period of your time is wonderful and hopeful, said Prof. Dr. Joint Director of (NINS) the National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital. Badrul Haque.

UNO Wahida's improvement, Ghoraghat, Dinajpur news

He made the remarks while lecture reporters on Monday (September 14) morning.

Professor Dr. Badrul Haque told, "UNO has been ready to raise his right up to his head since this morning. it's an exquisite thing that his fitness has improved in such a brief time. Usually it does not happen. This went on in his case. it is a good sign he's recovering. "

"His legs aren't normal yet,now he is paralyzed," he said. But on the feet he is getting the sensation. this is often also a really important issue. Hopefully, during a short time maybe the legs will start to urge normal. Since the top is extremely sensitive, and there he is seriously injured, patients usually don't recover so quickly. But he can. that is the decent thing to try to to, and it should end there. "

The doctor said, "The attack on Wahid took place around 3.00 PM. and that we operated on him the next day at 9 pm. But if he could have been operated on at Rangpur Medical College Hospital the next morning, his condition would have improved faster. the purpose here is that Rangpur Medical College Hospital had enough experienced and quality doctors to work on him. But the operation couldn't be administered there thanks to lack of facilities required after the operation.

He added, ‘These places in our country got to be further developed. the quantity of your time it takes to urge to Dhaka, it often causes tons of problems for critically ill patients. Although there was no big problem in Wahid's case. However, if he had been operated on in Rangpur, things won't have been so complicated. '

UNO Wahida Khanam's father, Professor. Badrul Haque said, ‘His two legs are numb. Since he is older, that's why he's having problems. His injury was mainly to the medulla spinalis behind his neck. that's why his fitness still seems to be quite complicated. A 12-member medical board met this morning to debate his treatment. The medical board has discussed other treatments, including his MRI. She has already had an MRI. No reports have been received yet. He can also need surgery. However, we aren't during a hurry. After considering everything, a choice are going to be made about it. he's a insurgent. That's why we take all patients seriously. And in the case of freedom fighters we have a special importance. Which is additionally the case with him. '

Incidentally, the miscreants entered the residence in the center of the night on September 2 and attacked Wahida Khanam and her father, freedom fighter Omar Ali. They were seriously injured. Waheeda Khanam was delivered to Dhaka by air ambulance from Rangpur for better treatment. His father is being treated at Rangpur Medical College Hospital.

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