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Medical treatment for foreigners in india

India has long been a famous destination for medical treatment.The main reason for this is that here you will find equally advanced treatment in Europe and America. But the cost will be only one tenth of that compared to those countries. Besides, everyone is tired of seeing the picture of daily irregularities in public and private hospitals in Bangladesh. People are most helpless when they are sick. The chances of this condition are nick to anyone, it is not desirable to anyone. That is why people want to go to India for medical treatment if they can afford it. This is because the cost of relatively advanced medical care is much lower in India than in Bangladesh and is relatively more reliable.

Why do the medical tourists visit India?

  • Indian doctors are very experienced and their scope of knowledge is much more than doctors in many countries. 
  • The main reason for this is that even after getting the degree of doctor, they continue to study a lot regularly. 
  • This is a great tradition of Indian doctors. That is why their qualifications increase day by day and they always have a good idea about new diseases and their remedies. 
  • In addition, the hospitals in India are equipped with modern and adequate equipment. 
  • The biggest reason is that, small or large, doctors and other members of Indian hospitals treat patients with great honesty.
  • They also try to reduce the medical expenses of the patients themselves. 
  • Someone don't want to belittle the doctors of any country, but most of those who have gone to India for treatment have highly praised Indian medicine.
  • Another big reason to go for treatment in India is the low cost of treatment. 
  • High quality treatment is available here at a relatively low cost. That is why huge numbers of people from Europe, America and Australia come to India every year for treatment. The number of Australians is the highest. 
  • The Government of India is also uncompromising in improving the quality of treatment due to the increase in the number of foreign guests. 
  • At the same time, they have been able to control medical expenses. As a result, India has become an international hub for advanced treatment at low cost.
  • At present many people from Bangladesh also go to India for medical treatment. This number is increasing day by day. There are several cities in India where high quality treatment is available at very low cost. In our today's blog, we will highlight various medical information in India.

Which city is best for Medical treatmen?

The huge country is India. There are hospitals in every city. However, there are many cities that are a little more famous for their treatment. These are:

  • Chennai
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Goa
  • Bangalore
  • Ahmedabad
  • Coimbatore
  • Vellore
  • Aleppo
  • Hyderabad

We talked about the best 6 cities with the best medical facilities.

Where to get treatment in India :

One by one you will be referred to one place, if the operation is compulsory you can visit three or four hospitals. Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore are good for treatment. I had a sports injury, at CMC (Vellore) - Christian Mission College & Research Center (Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore). You will be amazed at their use and treatment. Chennai's Shankar Netralaya is the best in the subcontinent for any eye treatment. Orthopedic treatment can be done at CMC or Apollo. If you want to do it at Apollo, you can do it at Apollo in Kolkata. This will not require unnecessary travel / hard work. The SRM Institute in Chennai is also good, there are several good hospitals for heart disease in Bangalore. You can search by Google. Get the information of the doctors, know the success rate of their operation and get the treatment as much as you can.

Where to find the best hospitals in India? 

Which is the medical capital of India?

Chennai is the medicalcapital of India.    
Chennai's name will come first. Chennai is a very familiar and favorite name among the people who come for treatment and their relatives. Lots of people come here every year for treatment. One study found that about forty percent of people choose Chennai for treatment. In Chennai, the medical capital of India, more than two to three hundred international patients are admitted every day for various medical services. Medical services include bone marrow transplantation, cardiac bypass, various eye surgeries, various limb replacements and various medical and ayurvedic treatments.

apollo hospital chennai

Medical treatment in India for foreigner,   Apollo hospital chenni, India. Which is medical capital  of india?

Apollo Hospital, Chennai
Below are the names, websites and phone numbers of some good hospitals:

1. Apollo Hospital: Phone: + 91-44-2829 6569/2829 3333

2. Dr. Mehta's Hospital: Phone: + 91-9840185644

3. Fortis Malar Hospital: Phone: + 91-8939831205 / 8939831211

4. Frontier Life Line Hospital: Phone: + 91-44-42017575

5. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital: + 91-44-66300300 / 8056300300

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Mumbai is known as the second most popular medical destination in India. There are several good quality super hospitals here. All these government and privately owned hospitals have been providing high quality medical services for a long time. These hospitals offer a wide range of medical services, including orthopedic research and diagnostics, weight and fat reduction, cosmetic surgery, oncology and diabetic care. Ayurvedic medicine in Mumbai is also very popular.

lilavati mumbai

Lilavati Hospital Mumbai, India.  Best medical treatment in India for foreigners .

Mumbai's famous "Lilavati Hospital"
Below are the names and websites and phone numbers of some good hospitals:

1. Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center Phone: +91 22 2206 7676

2. SL Raheja Hospital Phone: +91 22 6652 9666

3. Lilavati Hospital: Phone: +91 22 2675 1000

4. PD Hinduja Hospital Phone: +91 22 6766 8181

5. Breach Candy Hospital Phone: +91 22 2366 7788

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Bangalore is a very famous place in India. Bangalore is quite famous for its treatment. Westerners from various Asian countries come here for treatment. Many Bangladeshis also feel comfortable getting treatment in Bangalore. The main reason for this is the hospitals with modern facilities. You will find a branch of almost all the major hospitals in India in Bangalore. The hospitals here are of international standard and very clean. Depression, carbuncles, arthritis, psoriasis, cancer, piles, and other complex diseases are well treated here. In addition, various types of skin diseases, hair transplants and acne and facial scars are very good services.

jeevika bangalore
Jivika Hospital, Bangalore
Below are the names and websites and phone numbers of some good hospitals:

1. Psoriasis Treatment Bangalore +91 99458 50945

2. Sitcare Hospital Phone: +91 80 2217 6767

3. Bangalore Piles Clinic: +91 97390 71007

4. AK Clinic (Hair Transplant and Skin Care) Phone: +91 97799 44207

5. Kidwai Memorial Hospital (Oncology) Phone: +91 80 2609 4000

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We know Goa more as a tourist spot. Goa is a very popular destination especially for western tourists. International standard medical centers have been set up here to provide medical services to the incoming foreign tourists. The Central Government of India is also working hard to improve the environment and ensure a healthy environment. Under their patronage, a state-of-the-art medical hub has been set up here. Here you will find good solutions to various other problems including dental, eye, heart and orthopedic problems. Along with the treatment, Goa’s excellent beaches and other sights can soothe your anxious mind a lot.

manipal goa
Manipal Hospital, Goa
Below are the names and websites and phone numbers of several hospitals:

1. Manipal Hospital Phone: 0832 6632500

2. Dr. Kedar Hospital Phone: +91 832 222 0592

3. SMRC Hospital Phone: +91 832 669 1919

4. Grace Intensive Cardiac Care Center: Phone: +91 832 272 5391

4. Aditya Minimal Access Surgical Clinic +91 7774099011

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New Delhi

There is nothing new to say about New Delhi. Needless to say, the entire Indian capital, New Delhi, will have state-of-the-art medical facilities. There are a large number of public and private hospitals that are able to provide international quality medical services. There are special package facilities for foreign patients. These include General Surgery, Eye Surgery, Heart Care, Neuro Surgery and many more. In addition, various types of cosmetic surgery, depression, bladder cancer and other complex diseases are treated.

apollo spectra delhi
Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
Below are the names and websites and phone numbers of several hospitals:

1. Apollo Spectra Hospital Phone: +91 11 4004 3300

2. Madhukar Rainbow Children's Hospital +91 84487 99504

3. Paras Bliss Hospitals Phone: +91 11 4041 1111

4. Venkateshwar Hospital Phone: +91 11 4855 5555

5. Park Hospital Phone: +91 11 4532 3232

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Another city in India that is slowly becoming one of the major medical hubs in India is Ahmedabad. Many people choose Ahmedabad as their medical destination as it is relatively less busy than the cities mentioned above. There are some hospitals that are quite large and rich in modern facilities. Ahmedabad has the famous Civil Hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals in Asia.

cims ahmedabad
Famous CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad
Below are the names and websites and phone numbers of several hospitals:

1. Civil Hospital Phone: +91 79 2268 3721

2. CIMS Hospital Phone: +91 79 2771 2771

3. Zaidus Hospital Phone: +91 79 6619 0201

4. HCG Hospital Phone: +91 79 4001 0101

5. Shalby Hospital Phone: +91 79 4020 3000

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Another famous area of ​​India for treatment is Vellore. Weller's location is right between Chennai and Bangalore. With Chennai and Bangalore being the two major cities, it is only natural that other expenses, including accommodation, would be a little higher. Besides, the main city is busy. Weller will be great for those who want to avoid this extra expense and busyness. Weller is very popular especially among Bangladeshis. Besides, a lot of people from Kolkata also go here for treatment. There is no shortage of Bengali food here as many Bengalis go, it is an added benefit. There are several good and modern hospitals here of which CMC Weller is quite reputed. Weller's various hospitals provide treatment for a variety of complex diseases, including spinal pain, bone problems, arthritis, various types of cancer, and maternal problems.

cmc vellore
CMC Hospital, Weller
Below are the names and websites and phone numbers of several hospitals:

1. CMC Medical College Hospital Phone: 0416-2281000, 3070000

2. ARC Fertility Hospital Phone: +91 78119 99999

3. Sri Sai Ideal Dental Care Phone: +91 416 224 4990

4. CMC Vellore Eye Hospital Phone: +91 416 228 1000

How to get medical visa in India

You will need all the documents for your treatment to get a medical visa. If your treatment requires a major / minor operation and if you want to do it in India, then a medical visa is mandatory for him but if you want to see a doctor, you can do normal treatment only if you have a tourist visa. The Indian embassy also wants to see the name and location of the referred doctor, which means you will need to show the name of the doctor who referred you to India, the prescription, documents and the doctor's appointment letter where you will be treated in India. The clearer you can show everything, the better your chances of getting a medical visa. The name and address of the doctor you give is not the only treatment you can give. You can go anywhere in India and see a doctor. Then you have to deposit money in the bank and they will take the passport deposit along with the national ID card. They will let you know the date the visa was issued. If the visa is refused, you can apply again. Many people do not get their passports from India on the day of issuance of visa, so it would be foolish to have a ticket to India on the day of issuance of visa. Remove the border selection.

Traveling on a  Medical Visa in India: 

Yes, you can go wherever you want. If the treatment ends quickly, you can visit the places if you have the money and time. There are no obligations, but since India is a very big country, so keep in mind that wherever you go by plane, the longest distance is four to five hours. That distance will take two to three days (continuous) on the train, it is better to take the AC cabin without getting on the normal train. The more provinces you cross, the longer the train will take. The best train from Kolkata to South India is the Karimandal Express. Better to avoid Chennai Express, because you never want to sit for 36 hours


Wash the picture more. I would say it is better to keep three copies of all the documents. Always keep your passport with you. Sort everything into one file.


Indian law is very strict. In Chennai, a Bangladeshi uncle unknowingly smoked outside, was subjected to police harassment, and later paid a fine. Earlier there were less hotel brokers in India, brokers will start catching you from the station, just let them know that your man will come. CNG dealers are just like brokers. They will also bother you to pick them up at their familiar hotel, check the room yourself and take the hotel without thinking what he will think. There will be language problems for those who cannot speak Hindi, there is no language problem in Calcutta, go straight to Marquis Street. You will not see anyone in the food hotel except Bangladeshi people.


When the treatment is over and if you have to be hospitalized in India, take the discharge letter, be careful not to lose it. Discharge summary will be required at the airport. Because a major operation may not allow you to board a plane, consult a doctor during discharge on how to back up.

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