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Doctors Gang Desk : Doctors on duty at the coved unit of Sohid Suhrawardy Medical faculty Hospital have given a 48-hour demand to the hospital authorities to demand safe accommodation.

It is learned that these days, (September 19), they demanded the hospital director Uttam Kumar Barua, deputy director. Mamun Morshed and Medical faculty Vice-Chancellor and Covid Unit arranger academician. Shahadat Hossain enclosed Ripon's area.

In addition to the demand, concerning seventy five doctors have submitted a memo to the hospital director.

Meanwhile, the director general of the health department same that the ministry has formally canceled the quarantine of the doctors. He has nothing to try to to with it.

It is notable that on July twenty nine, the Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. consistent with a circular signed by Abdul Mannan, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has set to not pay the edifice bills of the doctors together with the doctors engaged within the treatment of Corona patients. At a similar time, they canceled the edifice facilities assigned for doctors.

A number of doctors operating within the Covid unit told the media, "We don't have a edifice, the authorities couldn't prepare any accommodation. however we will not place our family in danger. "

They added that they need to finish duty those days and back. Multiple relations of many doctors are infected through U.S.A., and therefore the the} fathers and fathers-in-law of 3 doctors have also died. however we've got not nevertheless found an answer. we've got given a 48-hour demand to the authorities. If there's no quarantine answer within, we'll now not do duty within the Corona unit. however i will be able to do my duty within the non-corona unit of the hospital. '

The director of the hospital, Professor. Uttam Kumar Barua later told the media, "We have au fait the doctors that we'll inform the upper authorities concerning their demands." I even have already spoken to the director general of the health department and can inform the ministry. '

"Doctors have given U.S.A. a 48-hour demand to resolve their housing issues," he said.

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