Personality Variation: Introvert, Extrovert, Embivert

Defferent type Personality:introvert, extrovert and Embivert 

Many may have asked you if you are an introvert or an extrovert. You may see "Ambivart" written in the bio of many profiles. What do these words mean? Today's article is about these types of personality.

Personality types: Introvert, extrovert,embivert


Introvert's Bengali is introverted. Introverts usually prefer to avoid public gatherings. It’s not because they can’t mix with people or feel anxious. Rather, they feel more comfortable living within themselves. Prefers to stay at home or in his own space. They are said to gain energy or recharge themselves on their own. They need space and time like themselves to generate any idea. Again, they are not with everyone, but with certain people, but very comfortable.


An extrovert on the other hand is just the opposite. They gain energy or recharge themselves with people. Generating any kind of idea also happens in public. If you can't mix with many people, if you can't talk or if you are alone for a long time, instead they start sighing.

The difference between introversion and extroversion in bold is in the case of energy gain.

Some myths

1. Introverts can't mix with people

Many people think that introversion is a mental problem. It's not a mental problem. Introverts can't mix with anyone. This is also a wrong concept. Introverts are very free with certain people. Certain people are those who can understand his space and his personality. There is huge comparison  between 'not being able to mix', and "not wanting to mix". Most people think introversion and social anxiety are the same thing. Communication problems such as not being able to interact with people, being afraid to talk, etc. fall into the category of social anxiety. Social anxiety is a mental illness. It's an introvert extrovert that can happen to anyone. Introverts like to be within themselves because the people around them are socially awkward. But not at all. Again, introverts are comfortable with some specific people. So even if you have social anxiety, the responsibility will not be on your introversion personality in any way.

2. Introverts are more creative

Creativity does not depend on introversion or extroversion in any way. The thing is, the introverts may not have shared their creativity on their own, and you suddenly see their creation somehow. Then you will naturally think of him as more than ten creative people. Steve Jobs, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith, Kelly Clarkson Do you think they are not creative? But they are all extroverts.

3. Introverters can't give lead

You will see countless introverts like Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates etc. as a successful leader.

4. Extroverts are impersonal

Many people make this mistake because they blend in so easily. Tell me, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Jr., who are you to call them impersonal?


Now let's talk about the ambivarts who have become a flat sandwich between these two types. Ambiverts are of the middle species. They mingle with people when they want to and dive into their own heads when they want to. You can say that they can balance very nicely. "Why do you talk so much?" Or "Why are you so quiet?" They do not get participated  in these 2 types of problem. On a larger scale in psychology, however, typologists are reluctant to divide ambivalence into separate sections. On the one hand, there is ambivalence in everyone. An introvert but behaves like an extrovert in that comfort zone. At the end of the day, an extrovert finds a space like his own. And this is why many psychologists consider the term ambivalent to be non-existent.

 If you want, you can change the way you work through the practice, some of the features. For example, he who tries to talk a lot will be able to control his excessive talk, but the matter of energy gaining remains the same. Every personality criteria or type  has its positives and negatives. We have to accept this and focus on the positive aspects. You have nothing to feel inferior to extrovert or introvert!

I used to be an introvert / extrovertঃ

Many people think that people become introverts for various reasons. Childhood trauma, family problems, etc. can have an effect on personality, but complete change is not. A different environment or different situation will often develop some traits or traits in you that were not in your normal personality at all. And many people make the mistake of saying that this is a type change.

Fun Facts:

  • 1. An extrovert usually adopts an introvert as a friend. (There are a lot of memes about it!)
  • 2. Probably everyone is familiar with a meme that calls are coming on the phone and people are looking at the screen with a strange look in their hands. It is a routine work of introverts. They will not receive calls even if they have a phone in their hand just because they do not want to talk.
  • 3. Canceling the hangout plan will be preferred by introverts. Mother will not let go, there are thousands of excuses that the body is bad!

But nowadays on social media, people are busy proving themselves as 'introverts' for some unknown reason. Introvert does not mean that you are smart or classy!

Tried to get rid of almost all the confusion. There was a request to view the attached images. Thanks

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