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Laser Treatment  

LASIK is a modern treatment of the eye without any bleeding using laser beams. LASIK is usually used to solve visual problems, that is, to see distant or near objects. Those who use plus or minus glasses due to visual impairment are advised to do LASIK. 

Lasik, laser treatment of the eye

This method basically eliminates the problem of blurred vision or low vision by changing the thickness of the cornea of ​​the eye. As a result, the patient no longer has to use glasses. However, those who have to use more power glasses for any vision problem, after LASIK, they can only wear very few power glasses instead of heavy glasses. LASI does not require any anesthesia or incision.

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LASIK applies to those

Physicians usually recommend LASIK to people between the ages of 18 and 25 who have had stable eyeglasses for the past year: 

LASIK is applicable for patients with myopia or distant objects who see less or blurred vision, in those whose spectacle capacity is minus 1 to minus 12.

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This treatment is applicable for patients with hypermetropia or those who see nearby objects less or blurred, whose spectacles are plus 1 to plus 5.

LASIK is applicable for patients who do not have astigmatism or corneal imbalance or see less due to the curvature error of the lens of the eye, for those whose spectacle capacity is from zero point five to plus five.LASIK can be used to cure corneal dystrophy.

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Things to do before LASIK

There are a few tests to do before LASIK. These tests determine the level of current eye problems (spectacle power) and corneal thickness. Another visual test called LASIK corneal topography was also performed. Eye drops are recommended to prepare the eye after the test. Necessary medicines and black glasses must be collected before the surgery.

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