Irregular menstruation during corona pandemic

Irregular menstruation during covid period.

Irregular menstruation / irregular period of female | Doctors Gang Gynecology

Menstrual problems are on the rise.Many women suffer from irregular menstruation during corona virus disease pandemic . Someone's date is going ahead, someone's going backwards, someone's getting too low, someone's getting too much. Anxiety is on the rise after a couple of months or so. But you can't go to the doctor's chamber for fear of infection. The result is an irritable mood, impatience.

Gynecologist Tulip madam said, "Thinking about it too much can make the problem worse. Because, in most cases, it is due to stress. Everyone has increased stress due to corona. This is happening due to different hormones in the woman holding her hand. Forget it and follow the advice of experts. Everything will be fine. "obourself stress free. Discuss with friends. You see, you are not alone, some of them may have had this problem. So there is nothing to be so tense.

  • Exercise plays a big role in keeping the mind well. So walk for 20 minutes every day. Do yoga-meditation.
  • Consult a gynecologist. It is also necessary to know whether this is happening for any other reason or not. If necessary, get tested and take medicine.
  • Along with eating a balanced diet, you can also try some homemade proportions.
  • You can eat raw papaya juice for a few months. Do not eat during periods.
  • Raw turmeric keeps hormone levels right, reduces inflammation, and reduces pain. So in the morning you can mix turmeric-milk or black pepper powder and eat raw turmeric paste with rice.
  • Aloe vera or aloe vera marrow can be eaten on an empty stomach with honey.
  • Boil one teaspoon of ginger paste in water and eat it 3 times a day, after meals.
  • Soak two teaspoons of cumin seeds in water overnight and drink that water in the morning.

  • Mixing one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in hot milk can reduce stomach pain.
  • The pain of the disease can be reduced with the help of some new drugs. Many times the disease is controlled with the help of pills. Many people are afraid of taking contraceptive pills for unmarried girls.

Remember, it is a medicine in itself. In case of excess, surgery is required. Don't be afraid of surgery. Depression can be caused by endometriosis. Counseling may be needed with the sympathy and support of family members. Be sure to consult a doctor without being overwhelmed by the fear of corona, stay well stay safe. 

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