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Amoeba eats brain through a nasal orifices , horrible death while swimming in lake water in Florida, USA.  

Brain eating amoeba

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The  animal is unicellular. Does not catch the naked eye at all. There is no problem with him. But if it enters the body in any way through the nose, it will not leave without brainstorming. The nerve cells will tear in an instant. If it is a child, it dies immediately, if it is an adult, it dies after eating for a while. Eddie Gray was attacked by a group of amoeba while swimming in Fantasy Lake, North Carolina. Eddie, 59, went swimming in Fantasy Lake in Cumberland County, according to the North Carolina Department of Health. As soon as he got out of the water, he fell ill. At First, the matter could not be caught. He was admitted to the hospital with high fever and body aches. Later blood tests found unicellular amoebae. By then, the amoeba cells had split and spread throughout the body. The cells of the brain have been torn apart by unicellular cells. Naegleria fowleri or brain-eating amoeba. They live freely in rivers, ponds, lakes, and swimming pools. There is no question of warm water. Amoebae divide by rapid reproduction. That's why they are more common in bot water lakes or warm springs. They are also found in polluted waters near industrial areas. Amoebae spread quickly in closed swimming pools that have not been cleaned for a long time or in closed water that is not chlorinated. Although unicellular, their effects are severe. These amoebas can injure human nerve cells in an instant. Experts say that swallowing the animal in any way does not cause much harm. However, if he enters the body through the nose in any way, then they become terribly aggressive. Symptoms begin with fever, headache, vomiting, and muscle cramps. These animals tear brain cells if not given anti-fungal drugs quickly. This is called nigleriasis or primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). The first brainwashing amoeba was found in 1960 in the waters of a lake in Australia. The number of deaths due to this amoeba is high in the United States. A study by the North Carolina Department of Health estimates that between 1982 to 2016, about 145 people were infected with these unicellular animals. Four of them was in critical condition. North Carolina epidemiologist Jack Moore said not only adults, but also children swim in such lakes. So raising awareness is much-needed.

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