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Dental problem during covid pandemic  

Common dental problem : 1) root canal 2) filling 3) oral ulcers, Doctors Gang dentistry

Covid's panic is such that even in the face of big mouth and dental problems, people spend their days with a few medicines, mouthwashes, hot roasts, olive oil, etc. As a matter of fact, the virus enters through the nose and mouth Leaning towards the face, the risk of virus entry!

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Sabbir hasan said, "He is not afraid at all. Physicians-nurses, nowadays everyone wears two masks and a facial ield. This is because water is often sprayed during the treatment of the patient. If the patient has corona, the treatment-nurse is in danger, but the opposite is not possible. The equipment is also disinfected regularly. So Covid is not so afraid. But the disease is being suppressed. He will tell you when to go and when to wait and when not to go. "

Do not delay root canal treatment

  • If you have toothache, take paracetamol 750 mg. Use chlorhexidine mouthwash twice a day.
  • After root canal treatment, try to open the crown placed on the tooth after the lee is done. Otherwise it may go to the throat. Don't chew food with those teeth.
  • Once the tooth is loose, open it and immerse in chlorhexidine mouthwash. Otherwise, his cheek may be cut off by stabbing. Such lesions increase the risk of subsequent cancer.
  • Those who wear brackets also cut their cheeks if they do not see a doctor for some time. The condition is then treated with medical wax.
  • If you have facial sores, stop eating bidi-cigarette-gutkha-anise-supuri, jhal, masala.
  • Use chlorhexidine mouthwash twice a day if the old stitches inside the mouth hurt. Apply antiseptic ointment as directed by the doctor.
  • Use chlorhexidine mouthwash every day even if the gums are swollen.
  • Then see a doctor in time. Otherwise there could be danger.

Fear of being late

Treat the pain of tooth infection even if it is reduced with toothwash and medicine. Otherwise the tooth may have to be removed later. There may be damage to the teeth on both sides. The same applies to teeth that have treated the root canal.

If there is a wound in the face, it is dangerous to try to control it by taking vitamins day after day. Especially those who have a habit of chewing tobacco or anything else. Hitting the face with a toothpick is one thing. Go to the doctor and brush your teeth.

Swollen gums are not a good sign. Even if the pain subsides, the cause of the disease must be found and treated.

Emergency problem

  •  If there is even bleeding from the teeth, take medicine to stop the bleeding and go to the doctor immediately. If the chamber is not open you may need to go to the hospital emergency room.
  • If the throat starts to swell due to an infection in the lower part of the teeth, it can be fatal. Quickly enlist the help of a maxillofacial surgeon.
  • If the tooth is damaged due to injury, the broken tooth will be dipped in cold milk and if you go to the surgeon very soon, the tooth will be the same as before.

  • Broken bones in the jaw, nose, and under the eyes can be twisted and attached if not operated on quickly. Can't add again. As a result, facial beauty can be ruined like life. Sometimes meningitis (infection of the lining of the brain) can occur. If the broken bone under the eye is not fixed in time, ‘double vision’ often occurs. Consult a maxillofacial surgeon as soon as you see a problem

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