Why do women live longer than men?

women live longer

The average life expectancy of women is higher than that of men all over the world including Bangladesh. Scientists have found 5 reasons why women live longer. Let's know.

women live longer than men and female live longer than male

fetal cause of Women live longer :

Women live longer than men because of the fetus. According to David James, a professor at University College London, male fetuses are more likely to die than female fetuses.

XX indicates  female chromosome and XY indicates male chromosome. These chromosomes contain our genes. The X chromosomes contain a lot of genes that help you survive. If you have a genetic defect in your X chromosome, then a woman has another X chromosome as an alternative. But since men have an X chromosome, they have no chance of backing up.

The researchers said the difference was only in the case of birds. Birds have two copies of the male X chromosome. This is why they live longer than female birds.

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Hormonal cause of women live longer :

The hormone testosterone is also responsible for the relatively short life expectancy of men. Researchers say that this is a type of hormone that contains the characteristics of men. Such as- long body, strong muscles, heavy voice, hairy body etc.

This hormone testosterone is usually released in the body of boys during puberty. So the death rate of men is higher at this time.

According to experts, men are more motivated to do high-risk work because they have more of these hormones. Such as fighting, riding a motorcycle too fast or driving a car - even suicidal tendencies are more prevalent among men. It is because of this hormone that the death rate of men in any accident is higher. Men also die more in war due to this hormone.

genitalia  cause of women live longer :

Han-Nam Park, a Korean scientist, has analyzed some data from the 19th century Chausun Dynasty. There he conducted detailed research on 61 eunuchs. Know that the genitals of each of them were removed before puberty. Those eunuchs lived to be 70 years old. Where the average life expectancy of other men in that country was only 50 years. This suggests that maleless men, whether human or animal, live longer.

Genetic cause women live longer :

Men live less than women because of their genetic makeup. Researchers have come to know this information after genetic analysis of people in several countries including Japan and Russia.

Habits and behaviors cause women live longer :

Human habitation, behavior and habits also affect longevity. In conflict-prone areas of the world, the life expectancy of men is shorter. Life expectancy also depends on smoking, drinking and overeating. For example, Russian men died 13 years earlier than Russian women. This is because Russian men consume a lot of alcohol.

Although life expectancy is high, women suffer from disease and grief

Although women live longer, their health does not last. At one stage of their life, they are afflicted with various diseases.

In most countries, women between the ages of 18 and 60 see more doctors than men of the same age.

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