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Ten Terrible epidemics in history in the world

The worst Epidemics in the world including Covid-19

Covid 19 Pandemic( running)   

The incidence of corona virus is increasing worldwide. As of Wednesday,19 August 2020, 2core 22 lakh 95 thousand 984 people have been infected with this infection all over the world. The number of victims is increasing by leaps and bounds every hour. The death toll is also rising around the world. So far 7,83,491 people have died in the world. The number of corona victims is also increasing day by day in Bangladesh. To date, 2,82,344  people have been infected in Bangladesh. Of course, many people have died of epidemics in the world many times before. Let's take a look at 10 epidemics

The Antonin Plague (165 BC)

It Also called as the Galen Plague, the Antonine epidemic affected Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. Five million people died in smallpox and measles during this time.

Justin's Plague (541-542)

The bubonic plague reduced Europe's population by half. About 25 million people died in it. About 5,000 people die every day during this time.

Black Plague (1348-1353)

The black plague carries a horrible, inhuman and black history in the history of human civilization. The global epidemic killed between 75 and 200 million people in Europe, Africa, and Asia between 1348 and 1353. Although its origin was Asia. Experts found many similarities between the disease and the plague transmitted from rats.

Third Cholera Epidemic (1852-180)

The cholera epidemic killed one million people. The third cholera epidemic spread to India. It has also been found in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

Flu epidemic (179-1890)

The pandemic, known as Asiatic or Russian flu, killed about 1 million people. H3N7 virus infection was observed in this infection. It spread to a wide area, including Central Asia and Canada.

Sixth Cholera Epidemic (1919-1911)

Like the other five times, the cholera outbreak occurred in India for the sixth time. Where 6 lakh people died. It transmitted to the Middle East,  Eastern Europe,North Africa, and Russia. The sixth cholera epidemic was in India from 1910 to 1911 in the United States. The epidemic killed 20 million people.

Flu epidemic (1918)

The epidemic was from 1917 to 1920. The influenza epidemic killed about 50 million people. The epidemic killed 25 million people in the first 25 weeks.

Asian flu (1958-1957)

The H2N2 infection is known as the Asian flu. The source of the influenza pandemic was China, as was the corona virus. The disease was first reported in 1956. The disease lasted for the next two years, until 1958. More than 2 million people have died from the infection. The epidemic flu  spread to the United States and Singapore, Hong Kong.

Flu Outbreak (198)

The flu pandemic began in 1986 in Hong Kong. Another name for this is Hong Kong Flu. The virus then spread from Hong Kong to Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, and the United States. The eoidemic disease killed more than 1000000 people. As a result, 15 percent of Hong Kong's population died.

HIV-AIDS Epidemic (2005-2012)

It started in 1986 in the Republic of Congo in Africa. HIV is on the rise in the Congo. In 1971 it took on a larger size. The disease has killed 38 million people worldwide since 1971. However, it is now very easy to control the disease through awareness against the disease and new medical methods. Between 2005 and 2012, the mortality rate from this disease decreased from 2.62 million to 1.6 million.

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