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13 Inspirational story for the frustrated, Unemployed and failure students. 

Every human being in the world is unique, his thoughts are like his. I can do what everyone can do, not something like that !!!! Why just prove yourself with formal education? That's where our problem lies. We want Toppers and Rankers in every house. Everyone must be a engineer,doctor, barrister,and  magistrate! You have to stretch your fingers and lengthen them anyway !!! Let's break the finger if needed !!!

An Inspirational story for unemployed , Frustrated and failure students.
Remember the saying, "Everyone is a genius in earth, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it will think itself worthless all its life." Albert Einstein.

Inspirational  story :

 I know of a prisoner. Prisoner number 484. He has won the Nobel Peace Prize after 27 years in prison.

- He is "Nelson Mandela"

 2) I know of another young man without a father.

He had no room to stay, sleeping on the floor of his friends' room. He used to return the used coke bottle and earn five cents, which he used to buy food. Every Sunday night he would walk seven miles to the Harekrishna temple just to have a good meal.- He is the founder and CEO of Pixar Animation and apple - "Steve Jobs"

3) I know the name of other young man, born in a mid level family. He was called the most successful drop-out at Harvard University. He got 1590 out of 1800 marks in SAT exam. But he graduated from Harvard University with a passion for computer software. He was a convocation speaker at the convocation of Harvard University 32 years after he was dropped out.

- He is "Bill Gates".

4) I know of another orphan.

Became an orphan at the age of 11. He ran away from own home at the age of Twelve . Frustrated, he tried to commit suicide at the age of 19. He is the author of many famous books, including "My University", although he never had the opportunity to study at any university.

- He is the famous writer, playwright and politician "Maxim Gorky".

5) Another, used to do grocery shopping with Dad. The family was so lacking that he had to stop as soon as school was over. That person once became a great revolutionary leader.- He is the founder of 'Mao Zedong' in china

6) Kuligiri used to chase the lack. One day when he went to work as a bus conductor, he was pushed out. The young man who could not become a bus conductor because he was not good at maths, later became the finance minister and prime minister of Britain. - - Name "John Major"

7) For another son, his parents were so poor that it took him two days to register his name. Who knows?

He is today's football legend! - The name "Ronaldo"

8) Dad was a prisoner. The father used to fish with his son because he could see the fish under the water very well from the other 10 people.

- Sri Lankan cricket superstar Jayasuriya, the son of that prisoner

9) He was severely weak in studies. Nothing was remembered. Sit on the last bench of the class. Fell repeatedly. He is also working as a clerk. He surprised the whole world with his Theory of Relativity. He also won the Nobel.

- His name is "Albert Einstein".

10) He was the weakest student in the class. He has also been expelled from school. He has enlightened the world with his discoveries.

- His name is "Thomas Alva Edison".

11) He used to write  the book. Absolutely zero in studies. He painted a model of an airplane 400 years before the invention of the airplane.

- He is "Leonard the Vinci".

12) He failed the test all the time. He has won 22 academic awards. He is the father of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse's voice is his own.

- He is "Walt Disney"

13 He did not understand the word game. Number 7 he used to call upside down nose !!!! This Spanish gentleman is a write,   poet, writer, painter, chemist, stage,sculptor and designer .

- He is "Pablo Picasso"

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