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MRCP Preparation and Basic information about MRCP part 1, 2 & PACES

Target when MRCP

What is MRCP?

MRCP is the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom (UK).

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Why do MRCP?

MRCP done for this given below:
  1. The Government Health System of England / UK is called National Health Service (NHS).You will need to register with the General Medical Council (GMC) to apply for a job at the NHS.One of the criteria for getting GMC registration is MRCP or PLAB. Moreover Language Test (IELTS / OET) is another Criteria. If you fulfill these criteria, you will get GMC registration, with which you can apply for a job in the UK.
  2.  If MRCP is done, the corporate hospitals of the country are paid well.
  3. If you have done MRCP in Singapore, Malaysia or Middle-East, you can get a good paying job.Moreover, MRCP is seen as an honorable achievement all over the world.

Is it possible to get a job only after registering with GMC?

So far yes.The NHS needs a lot of doctors now. Many doctors from India, Pakistan, Myanmar are going to UK with jobs. Now many people from Bangladesh are going.

How many parts of MRCP test?

MRCP has total three Parts.
  1. MECP PART 1 (written): Single Based MCQ type
  2. MRCP PART 2 (written): single based MCQ type plus Imaging, pictorial, ECG
  3. MRCP PART 3 PACES: Clinical Examination (OSPE type)

Who can take the MRCP Exam?

  • After MBBS, you can give MRCP Part1 internally.
  • For MRCP Part1, go to MRCP website and open an account. (For free)
  • You have to apply from this account for all the subsequent examinations.

Where can the MRCP test be given?

MRCP Part 1 and MRCP part 2 can be given from many countries including Bangladesh.(usually at the British Council)
Unfortunately there are 6 PACES Centers in India and 3 PACES Centers in Myanmar but there is no PACES Center in Bangladesh yet. So we have to go to India, Sri Lanka or England and pay PACES.
MRCP part 1 preparation

How many questions in MRCP will there be from any topic?

Question in MRCP test will come from the topics given Below :

  • Cardiology-15
  • Hematology and Oncology-15
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology-17
  • Clinical Science: 25
  •  Cellular Biology-2
  •  Clinical Anatomy-3
  •  Clinical Biochemistry-4
  •  Clinical Physiology-4
  •  Clinical Genetics-3
  •  Immunology-4
  •  Epidemiology and Biostat-5
  • Dermatology-6
  • Endocrinology-15
  • Geriatric Medicine-4
  • Gastroenterology-15
  • Infaxus Disease-15
  • Neurology-15
  • Nephrology-15
  • Opthelmology-4
  • Psychiatry-6
  • Respiratory Medicine-15
  • Rheumatology-15

How to prepare for MRCP?

Any Exam Preparation Individualized.

MRCP Part 1 preparation

Preparation: at least 6 months (minimum)
Type of MRCP preparation:

MRCP Part 2 preparation 

Preparation period: 6 months
Preparation Type: 
  • Same as Part1 plus 
  • Additional Imaging, 
  • ECG, 
  • Pictorial view. These can be learned from textbooks or google from the internet or from youtube. 

The importants Book for MRCP part 2 preparation 

The books need for MRCP Part 2 and Paces preparation following are-


PACES is Clinical Skill Based Exam. So practice is the only way to do Clinical Skill Development.
Preparation period of MRCP: 1 year
Type of preparation:
  1. Training: Training under a Sir who is Oriented with MRCP.
  2. Coaching: Although coaching is not compulsory for Part1 and Part2, it is required for PACES.
  3. Partner: A good Practice Partner that takes dedicated to PACES.
  4. Book: 1) OST by dr Mehta
                      2) Ryder.
Moreover, Past test video can be seen.
These books can be bought at Nilkhet or online.

What is the pass rate in MRCP exam?

The pass rate is better than the post-graduation entrance exam in Bangladesh. If you are stuck then your fortune is very bad otherwise you have to pass. Since a lot of money is given by those who give MRCP, they give this test seriously. So the passing rate is good.

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How much does it cost to take MRCP exam?

MRCP exam total cost around 1800 pound to 3000 pound for all country can more than 1800 pound due to extra cost of passport, visa, coaching fee etc.
  1. MRCP part 1 Cost: 594 pound = 65000 to 70000 Bangladeshi Taka.
  2.  MRCP part 2 cost : 594 pound = 65000 to 70000 bangladeshi Taka.
  3.  PACES:UK center ঃ 594 pound = 65000 to 70000 bangladeshi Taka.  Overseas center (Like India): 1202 pound = 130000 to 135000 Taka.
Moreover you have to consider the cost of buying the book, the cost of coaching, the cost of going abroad to pay PACES. The cost will increase if you have to pass a few times.
However, the hope is that after passing the job for 6 months to 1 year, you can easily withdraw this money.
The UK (NHS) is now a great option for those who want to pursue a career abroad. Going to the UK is easier now than ever before. Many doctors are now in crisis in the UK because of the Brexit issue. That's why Subcontinent is taking a lot of doctors from Middle-East. And now it is easier to get a training post in the UK than in the past.
For this you need to take GMC registration which is a prerequisite MRCP / PLAB. I am not saying that it is easy to pass MRCP but it is very possible if you stick to it. The MRCP does not deal with USMLE procrastination or visa complications or AMC's experience.
All things considered, MRCP can be a viable option for those who want to pursue a career abroad. Thanks everyone.

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Author :
Noman Islam Nirob 
MBBS, Rangpur Medical College hospital, Bangladesh

All info are collected from internet and GMC website, senior teacher and senior brother. If you can any mistake please inform us for correction. Thank you for reading this article. 

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